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    In the Seven Kingdoms, some people are born with a Grace. A Grace is an extreme skill, it could be anything from an extraordinary talent with a sword, or running faster than a cheetah. Those who are Graced can easily be identified by their eyes: Gracelings always have tiny rune symbols inside their eyes, circling the iris. The runemarks make is impossible for a Graceling to hide and they can never live a normal life: normal Ungraced people either hate the Graced, or fear them.

    On a Graceling's seventeenth birthday, the ruler of their kingdom summons them to his/her castle. If the king or queen decides that their Grace is useful, then the Graceling is ordered to live prmanently in the castle. People Graced with singing or dancing or instrument playing are kept for entertainment, but those who have battle skills are sent on missions to fight Raiders (bands of rogues that raid and plunder villages), arrest crooks, and generally defend the kingdom. Any Graceling that refuses is either executed immediately or locked away in the dungeons until they change their mind.

    But when the most powerful ruler of all, the evil queen Morrigan, invades her neighboring kingdom, everyone is wondering which kingdom is next to be attacked and conquered...and the Graced may be the only ones who can defeat the wicked queen, once and for all.

    Plot: You are a Graceling and it is your seventeenth birthday. A summons comes in the mail for you to go to the King Nord's castle for your examination. Start your post detailing your trip from home to the front doors of the castle and the GM will continue the story after everyone has posted.

    Gameplay: Your Grace must have something to do with battle. It can be anything from extraordinary hand-to-hand fighting, to a great skill at archery. As long as it can be used during a fight, then it should be fine. When creating your Grace, remember to start at something mundane and build from there. A Grace cannot be something someone cannot do normally, like walking on water. (Thinking outside of the box is encourage!) Send your Character Templates to the GM before posting them on the Discussion Thread for approval.

    Setting: Our story begins in the sprawling Nord City. (Every city is named after it's ruler, and renamed after the new ruler when the previous one retires.) Additional details about the landscape will be revealed as the story unfolds.

    Character Template:

    Personality traits:

    Rules: The usual, no God Modding, no excessive foul language, play by the rules and most importantly: have fun.
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