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    Half-Orcs Run the World: A Fantasy Idea

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by CSwolery, Sep 16, 2011.

    OK, I wanted to toss out a different (as far as I know) idea on a fantasy story:

    This started out as an Arcanum background idea I had, so bear with me. There's a Tolkienesque world called Navel, and the story concerns two continents, Pandorra and Arcanum. Arcanum is undergoing an early Industrial Revolution, but it's VERY traditional fantasy otherwise. Pandorra is not; it is the jutting west of Dalmos, and is a land where the distinction between Human and Half-Orc is largely academic. It's also Navel's Europe, and they are at least 40 years ahead of anything in Arcanum. SDO let me lay this out simply: The most advanced, industrial, and powerful societies on Navel are run by Half-Orcs (most of whom pass a uglier humans), and the people of Arcanum are so insular they have NO idea what is about to hit them.

    The most powerful nation is Avine, island nation, more or less the UK. Arcanum is like an India that never quite crashed into Asia, and it's completely independent. For know. In Pandorra it's NA 1875, and my main character is a redcoat name Charlotte Merriweather. There's been a big war (Avine's won), and she's worked her way up to 1st Lt. but if she ever wants to make it to Captain, she needs an education. She doesn't have the money to go university in Pandorra, but then comes up with the ingenious solution: attend university in Tarant, the most populous and industrial city in Arcanum. And do so for a fraction of the cost, and on Royal Army money. This is more or less like going to college in Calcutta, without the language barrier.

    Now this is all an excuse to get Lt. Merriweather to Arcanum to have her adventure. But here she is, a well educated, middle class half-orc (blessed with orisch teeth and ears) in a land that is so insular most people are only dimly aware the rest of the world exists, and looks down on her for her breeding, when it is in fact HER people that dominate the planet, and will shortly dominate it more so. And then add to it that Avine was founded 1875 years ago by refugees from Vendigroth, a technological city destroyed by the elves of Arcanum. This is important because the Vendigrothians brought with them monotheism, and the worship of the "All-Father" relegating all other gods to the de facto status of angels.

    So fantasy steampunk colonial culture shock adventure. I know what I'd want in these overwriting themes, but any advice on how to pursue them would be awesome.
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    Seems really interesting to me. I think the only thing I'd worry about is the setting being a colonial one. It's very unique which is an awesome thing, and is very valuable in today's market where we see the same reused and rehashed fantasy worlds over and over again. BUT, the first thing I think of when I think of a colonial setting is my history classes and how much I hated learning about that time period. Maybe it's just me. Sorry to bash your idea, I actually like it, but just sounds like a textbook. But I'm sure it could be done and done well!

    Suggestions, maybe more imperialism? That's been the kind of driving factor during that time period. It sounds like your Orcs are essentially the British Empire, so are they trying to conquer the world? That's a pretty interesting twist on the usual, brutish retarded Orc model. What kind of clothes do they wear? Just a random thought because I'm trying to visualize that! Is there magic in this world? What kind of technology do they use? How is that twisted to fit the needs of Orcs? How are Orcs different than traditional humans? ie. does them being Orcs add to the story besides just a clever premise? Just things to think about!
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    A story concept means nothing. I can tell you now, it has all been done before. What matters is how you write it, the characterization, the flow, the imagery, all of it.

    There's no benefit in asking what other people think of the concept! They'll either say,"Sounds great," or, "it sounds like a ripoff of..."

    If the idea stirs you, write it. Then ask people what they think of the final story. After they tell you what they don't like about it, revise it, usually several times, until you're happy with it or until you throw up your hands and say the hell with it.

    Please read What is Plot Creation and Development?
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    Mortal Engines was the first book of its kind, no other books features massive vehicular cities which hunted down and consumed eachother.
    I think that's a one of a kind series.
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    Sounds like a cool idea. If you want more help fleshing it out, though, you need to say specifically what you're stuck on, otherwise I won't know how to help you.

    My only issue is that the name of the place is called Navel. You know a navel is a belly button, right? If you know that and are fine with it, all the power to you, but I thought I'd point it out just in case. ;) Also, I feel like the name Pandorra (which is Pandora spelled differently) is overused. that's just me though. Don't depend on what anyone else says - you are the writer, write whatever you want. :)
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    I loved Arcanum so recognise most of what you're talking about. My only question would be if you're basing your world on the game, then is this a fan fiction?


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