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    Have fantasy world but can't decide if I want to bring in people from our world

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Revilo87, Jan 11, 2014.

    I've created a fantasy world that I want to write a novel about, however I can't come to a decision of how to go about presenting the world/story.
    These are the two basic premises I have going
    Scenario 1: Story contains only the fantasy world and the people and events within it.
    Scenario 2: Story focuses on a small group of people from our world (Earth) find their way to the fantasy world and become involved in the events within it.

    Both scenarios have been done countless times and are cliche, but I still wouldn't mind writing either.. which do you all think is the better way to go? I have the basic structure of the world created, and have some ideas for characters for the second scenario.

    The pros to the second scenario would be more relatable characters, they'd also be easier to write, because it's much easier to write from the pov of an ordinary person from earth whether they be a teen, 20 something, or adult than a peasant, knight, freedom fighter, or member of a royal court in another realm.

    The cons to the second scenario would include how do the people from Earth get to the other world, how do they over come language barriers, and how do they become involved in the grand scheme of things. Their inclusion in the story could also possibly detract from the integrity of the other world
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    It depends on the characters you have created and the story you want to say. If your moral (if you want one) is "the world is what you make of it" then having real people enter your fantasy world, or vice versa, is the way to go.

    My suggestion that if you don't yet know the answer to this question, you should brainstorm. Just take an A4 piece of paper and a pen and for five minutes just write everything that comes to your head concerning your world. It could be anything: characters, settings, objects, and so on. When the five minutes are up, have a look at your piece of paper. What is it saying to you? Are your characters/settings mainly fantastical, or are they set more in the real world? Who is the antagonist, or 'bad guy'? Would a bad guy like that work in the real world or fantasy world better?

    Once you've thought about these things for a little while, a story will take shape. And it's your story, so there's no need to say "can I do this?". The answer is "of course you can". It's your story; you tell it how you want it to be told. :)
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    A more original idea would be to go with the second idea, but make the characters be from not just our world, but from the dark ages or far future and off planet colony.

    I understand you want to make the characters relatable, but what would make it more interesting is if you made them relatable despite them being from another time. So do the research if you go with them being from the past, or imagine and create your own future in depth and be sure the characters describe the future in detail whenever they reference it.

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