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    Having the setting and conflict, but no story to go with it.

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by isaac223, Jul 26, 2018.

    Hoping to get a spark of inspiration for anything that wasn't another detective story I'd never finish, I ended up going through old documents and journals when I came across an idea for a story I jotted down in a journal while bored in class that was later stashed away and never touched again; to note, I came across too many old story ideas I never did anything with (for good reason), but of all of them this one particular sci-fi/fantasy setting really stood out to me. I tore out the page and returned the journal to my patented Void of Ideas I Only Had Because I Was Bored As Shit and began changing up a few details here and there, and what I was left with was

    Laboratories -- cutely named "Nurseries" -- started popping up and announcing the creation of a morally acceptable replacement to the barbaric forms of slavery long-since abolished in modern polite society. These Nurseries were actually mass-producing humans for the sole purpose of being distributed for servitude, marketed as unyieldingly servile and emotionless, incomparably receptive to orders and training and totally insusceptible to abuse.

    The surprise catch is that these humans are produced through a magi-mechanical means that perfectly replicates and accelerates sexual reproduction and basic mental and physical development (somehow), so these mass-produced humans come out as 100% normal people: individuals with personality and emotions and perspective. Through some process that involves brainwashing and conditioning, they are turned into the tools they are sold and purchased as -- though, as far as anyone who doesn't know is concerned, they simply are created like this.

    I now have this idea, and I sat down to finally build onto it instead of just refining the small points in my mini-synopsis, but no matter what I always come back to "what the fuck would even happen though". I have the setting and a conflict (I suppose), but no matter what I touch up on, nothing comes to mind that isn't extremely similar to other stories with robots or androids engineered into servitude. The only lead I had to go on is the fact that they're people who were conditioned psychological, I could implement some psychiatric or psychological themes and topics as a core of the story, but even then nothing in particular came to me.

    So, my crisis is that I have a setting and nothing to go on in it.
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    Wow - love the idea - you can go soooo many ways with this.

    - One of the servitude wake up and rebels. Big man/woman hunt for them from the corporation that created them.

    - One of the workers at the nurseries despearate for a baby kidnaps one.

    - Darker side, they are turned in to the sex trade . . .

    - They all rebel, killing people, maybe a chemical switch or emotional switch - stress etc

    And that's just a minute of ideas. If it was me i would pick a character and just start writing and see where it lead me. (That's how i mostly write)

    Good luck


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