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    The Third moon of Jupiter

    Heaven's Angels

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    Heaven’s Angels
    GM: Deathblade15

    The Story:

    Ever since man could dream big did he dream to soar the skies. That dream has been around for a long as the Renaissance when Leonardo DaVinci began drawing the blueprints for a flying device. Then came along the Wright Brothers, creating the first airplane then taking their first flight. Even though that flight was only for a matter of seconds it allowed man to dream even further. From the biplane to the fighter bomber, from the propeller to the jet engine, man continued to soar the skies until finally we dreamed so big that we reached the cosmos.

    The year is now 2986, man has mastered the art of space travel, soaring the skies and the cosmos with Impulse drives and graviton thrusters. Faster than Light travel has been achieved through the use of a space drive that can travel through the fourth dimension, this is hyperspace, one of the biggest dreams that man has ever dreamt. Even now humans keep on dreaming the big dream, but before more dreams can be achieved war must be silenced.

    Nearly 400 years ago exploration of the cosmos yielded new worlds for colonization along with a new beginning for most humans. Earth had united itself under the leadership of the United Nations of Humanity, but some humans didn’t agree with this alliance. A separate group of humans, seceded from the UNH forming the Terran Confederacy. War broke out between the two separate groups, as they traversed the stars and fought for control between the different systems.

    Though there are two different human militaries fighting against one another, there are some humans that prefer to remain independent. They fight on their own terms, they trust no one, and they ally with no one. Their reasons for independency depend on the person, some may fight for glory, the thrill of space flight, for money. These group of humans are the face of the underworld and sought out by both nations, however they don’t plan to be found, or if they should be, then they don’t go down without a fight.

    These are the angels of heaven, the free spirited beings of the cosmos.

    Your Character:

    You are a free human, you fight for your own reasons. You’re skilled with guns, tools, and your ship. There are plenty of different job opportunities within the cosmos.

    Bounty Hunter: this job comes with a lot of credits but a lot of dangers as well. Depending on your job position you’re either being hunted by one or both human nations. Space Pirates have a bone to pick with you most of the time along with the rest of the low lives in the cosmos. When hired, you don’t care what you have to do or how you have to do it, so long as you get paid in the end.

    Smuggler: probably next to the bounty hunter in getting cash, the smuggler transports weapons between different supplies and the two nations. it’s a particularly dangerous job considering that if you have one set of weapons transporting to the UNH then you’ll have the Terrans on your tail. There is also the matter of space pirates.

    Rogue: Ex-Military from either one of the sides, these guys may have just given up on their nation, find this whole war pointless, or did something incredibly stupid that they had to leave. Soldiers going AWOL usually means that both sides are on them, one side because he’s the natural enemy, the other side because he’s a traitor.

    Space Pirate: You’re the lowest in the human social chain but you’ve got the guts to tell the whole galaxy that you’re badass (even though this may not be entirely true). Space Pirates tend to raid other ships, preferably merchant ships, and avoid the military as much as possible. If they have to fight then they will, but otherwise a pirates motto is, “if its bigger than yours then run for the door.”

    Merchant: Though most advanced ships have capable Navigation systems to pilot the ship from point A to B, merchants are there to protect the supply and meet the demand. As a merchant its your job to get the goods safely to its destination and fight off any opposition trying to steal your money. Just because you’re the guy who sells the stuff doesn’t mean you’re not the guy who can’t handle a gun or a ship.

    The Nations:

    There are three major powers in your band of the Milky Way. Each has there own little spot which they call home and other spots where war is at its highest.

    United Nations of Humanity (UNH): The UNH was established in the year 2743, this also marked the end of the Trinity Wars between the United States (US), the United European Federation (UEF) and Russian-Asian Socialist Alliance (RASA).

    The beginnings of the UNH go as far back hyperspace travel, the colonization of other worlds, and the Trinity Wars in 2579. Back then the United States and the United European Federation (established in 2036) were the two major superpowers of Earth, both of which already had strained tensions due to land control and fuel claims. War was inevitable between the two and thus they took their fight to the stars, not even space could block the tides of battle. The Russian government finding reason to expand the once fallen Motherland allied themselves with the Asian countries of Japan, China, North and South Korea formed the RASA. Under a new flag they fought to claim new planets in the name of the Motherland.

    In the 200 years that passed during the war, four new systems had been discovered, claimed, and fought over between the three warring nations. While fighting commenced in space and on colonized systems, Earth was in dire trouble. Deflation skyrocketed and put nations in debt through their two separate efforts of war and territory expansion. This was the least of the problems though, interplanetary warfare had been achieved, with missiles firing from space and destroying key locations and monuments, not to mention threatening humanity and wildlife inhabitants the war had to be put to a stop.

    The United Nations made multiple attempts to bring the war to a halt, however they were all failures. However the UNH finally had to bring up the worst possible demonstration to end the war, the possible destruction of Earth. With Earth's life in dire hinges the triad of powers discussed amongst themselves before finally coming to an agreement to end the war. With this agreement came about the alliance of the United Nations of Humanity.

    The UNH has a powerful infrastructure, political party and intelligent military leaders. They prefer pure tactics over firepower. Being the culmination of the three most powerful nations of the world they were able to plan out a good economic systems which provided to the people, while still having an optimal military organization. Their ground forces are second to none and they prefer DP strikes deep into the heart of enemy territory, severing the head and throat from the beast before taking out the rest of their enemies.

    The Terran Confederacy (TC): Though the Trinity Wars had come to an end tensions were still present and for the next thirty years, would escalate further. Earth and all of humanity had united themselves under one superpower, the UNH, however some of the former, more patriotic, Americans didn’t fully agree with the end of the war. The beginnings of the Confederacy not only gave birth to a new nation, but they also sparked the flames of a new war.

    Often times protestors would line the streets against their new government, only to be pushed back by local authorities. Certain men and women who believed that war should continue planned on ways to spark up a new war, or begin a new nation against this government. It was only when the fifth inhabitable system was discovered that the light bulbs clicked on. The UNH would want to begin colonization immediately, and to guarantee admittance for leaders and supporters the system had to be hacked. Using a special modified A.I., all leaders and supporters of a new colony were admitted onto the colonization expedition.

    A military escort of four battleships and six frigates followed the colony ships towards the new system, they were never heard from again. Only ten weeks after the first colonization fleet a second larger colonization fleet traversed towards the system. When the eight battleships and twelve frigates and cruisers arrived out of hyperspace they were met with an even larger and more powerful fleet. The two fleets clashed with one another, leaving the defending fleet victorious, they accepted the stranded colony ship into their midst, but not without sending a message to the UNH.

    “We were once servants of a failed nation, but no more. We will not stand by so idly as a nation crumbles from leagues of foreigners, communists, and dissenters. We are a free nation, a nation that will continue the fight that you stopped. We are the Terran Confederacy and we will not tolerate your kind in our midst nor upon our soil.”

    The Terran Confederacy was born in 2775, they believed their nation had betrayed them when uniting all, only by regaining the American dream could the Confederacy’s mission be realized. Essentially their mindset was based on that certain foreigners like Communists, Terrorists, and the like should not be associated with a free nation. To them, America wasn’t free anymore, America instead, had a change of hats. To them it might as well have been a second American Revolution. Twenty years later, when they believed they were powerful enough, they declared war on the UNH, and the first Worlds War erupted.

    Like any true and patriotic American, the TC prefers big guns with an average strategy. Their navy is large and powerful as are their armored units. Pilots and soldiers are just as good as any Marine of the old days and their guns are just as good as the Marine. Their political power is stable with a Presidential Elect and their military is gun ho to get into the fight. Some might mistake the TC as ‘rednecks’ but that is far from the truth. They also have some of the most brilliant scientific minds among them and have created more renewable and powerful sources of energy and weapons.

    The League of Pirates: Both like and unlike to the two military nations the League of Pirates are nothing more than a multitude of clans and tribes who joined themselves under one banner, while remaining independent of their own accord. There really is no history to this group, simply that they had disappeared from their own nations and claimed a little part of the galaxy.

    What is known of the League is that they are united under the leadership of a Pirate King. Though there are 6 Pirate clans who are ruled by their Clan Lords, the Pirate King controls all of them, they say he is ruthless, and will either make someone join the League, or ultimately crush them. Since the beginning of its formation their sector has been under attack by both nations. Either the opposing military fleets are destroyed, or they simply find nothing and leave.

    If there is one thing to be warned about the League, then it would be that the League has no mercy, if you plan to cross their path, make sure to tread lightly, and carry a big gun.

    The Systems:

    There are five known systems that have been discovered, two are controlled by the UNH, two are controlled by the Confederacy, and one is no man’s land, a graveyard of ships and home to the League of Pirates, or so its been told. (The first is the system name, the number is the number of planets in the system)

    Sol System = 8 (UNH): this is where everything started out, this is where the dream to fly was born, more specifically it was on Earth. The Sol system is home to UNH head quarters, out of all the planets available Earth is the most inhabited. Anything before Earth is inhabited but the numbers dwindle down to colonized planets to precious Helium-3 fuel the main source of Sol‘s, to research facilities. Anything after is too dangerous to inhabit because of Mercury’s close proximity to the sun and the dangerous sulfuric acid rain of Venus.

    Verso System = 6 (UNH): One of the first colonized systems and the closest to the Sol System. The system is home to the main sources of trade in between UNH systems, a hearty supply of Titanium (metals), Setanium (Crystal electrical components) and Deuterium (a more powerful fuel than Helium-3). Though four of the planets Sigma, Nero, Seta, and Dunon are mining planets the other two Coatis and Isdanis are two inhabitable planets for humans to live on. At the outer edge of the system is a UNH military installation of around 8 separate stations and multiple ship fleets.

    Terran System = 5 (TC): When the TC had colonized the new system they thought of the new planet just like Earth. It rained, it snowed, it was sunny and warm, or dry and cold. However they knew they could never call Earth their home until their dream was realized. Thus they named their new home planet Terra, which in turn formed the Terran Confederacy. Like the Sol system most planets are uninhabitable and are either used for mining or research facilities.

    Relizon System = 9 (TC): The system with the most inhabitable planets, but the most dangerous because it lies on the outer edges of on the outer edge of TC territory. This system has 3 planets that have been colonized, 2 others that are military installations, outposts, and bases, 2 are completely inhabitable due to drastic climate and topographical changes, and the last 2 are constantly being fought on and over between the TC and the UNH or the League.

    Ajani System = Unknown (No Mans Land): This system is in between the two territories and where the most battles are fought. This system so vast so expansive, and yet so lifeless. There are a multitude of planets, asteroids, and nebulae. Its quite impossible to discern exactly how many planets there are because of its massive size. Scientists have argued it to be a star system while others claim it to be a cluster, however what the system exactly is cannot be determined. Its said that space pirates roam this place, but reports have yet to confirm that theory, yet most believe that the entire League lives here.

    Character Sheet:

    It’s the future go crazy on what type of weapons or armor you want, however not too crazy, you can’t have a triple barreled plasma rocket launcher that fits in your pocket and that has unlimited ammo. Be reasonable, humanity hasn’t broken the laws of physics… yet.

    Home Planet: (Your home planet is the system name and the number from the star (ex. Terra V, Verso IV), this is an exception to the Sol system however)



    Weapons: (las pistols, though there are las rifles and auto-las rifles, you can have two, or if you go with an ALR then only one)
    Equipment: (Plasmid Detonators, ion grenades (EMPs) or Plasmic Bombs)
    Special Equipment/Ability: (if you’re someone who’s a bounty hunter you may have a decrypter module or a bionic eye, of if you’re a soldier you may have military codes or heightened endurance)

    Star Fighter Sheet: You have the option of either using a star fighter, a star bomber, or if you wish for using neither you can be part of the crew, however your character won’t appear till later in the game (if crew just place crew in the star fighter sheet). Your ship can be something you purchased, stole, or possibly ‘borrowed’ from a military installation (Rogues only).

    Ship Name:
    Age of Ownership:
    Ship Type:



    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): (lasers (light auto or single power shot), ion cannons, las beams (consistent stream), decide what you want for a weapon but make it reasonable.)
    (Secondary): (las torpedoes, cluster bombs, plasma bombs (bombers only), same statement as before)

    Ship Modifications: (Your character in how long they’ve owned their ship, has modified it with parts they either bought, stole, or ‘acquired’ off the black market. Choose wisely, you only get one.)
    Mod Backlash: (Compared to the positive effect of mod used there will also be an equal negative effect. For example enhanced weapon systems might decrease the ship’s shields.)
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    The Third moon of Jupiter
    Aaron Lavoie

    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Home Planet: Verso III
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 156 lb.
    Appearance/Apparel: short brown hair and eyes, wears an old earth long brown leather jacket and tan undershirt, complete with a pair of dark brown cargo pants and combat boots. Wears a flexi metal flak jacket and pauldrons underneath his jacket, has a scar from the bottom of his left jaw near where his jugular is.

    Personality: Likes to get his work done and mainly does anything for a good amount of cold hard creds, will do mostly anything for the right price. Is quite serious most of the time but does have his moments to relax.

    Background: He's a bounty hunter, his history mostly consists of getting training in the military and serving in it for six years, only to abandon it for, what he considers, a higher purpose. That purpose being a higher amount of cash for "fun" jobs.

    Weapons: duel burst las pistols that were built by Aaron for Aaron. Each has a energy cell capacity of 30 EC's allowing an effective 15 las bursts or 30 powerful single shots.
    Equipment: Plasmic cluster bombs (bombs that are effective at dispersing small infantry groups with a single burst explosion that causes several smaller explosions)
    Special Equipment/Ability: hidden flamer (a small, yet effectively hidden flamethrower that's latched onto his left arm, it is attached to a small 10 oz. tank hidden in his pocket.)

    Star Fighter Sheet:

    Ship Name: The Vexica
    Length: 18 ft
    Width:12 ft
    Age of Ownership: 3 years
    Ship Type: Heavy Star Fighter

    Appearance: a sleek black ship with twin medium sized engines and graviton thrusters located on the bottome hull. Looks more like a triangle as it narrows down before flattening out at the tip.

    History: A military vessel which Aaron had the pleasure of taking before his grand exit. The ship was moderately damaged in the firefight but after multiple repairs from his trusty A.I. unit Maximillian and a trip or two to the Black Market the ship was made into a heavy fighter with somewhat decent stealth capabilities (a.k.a. the black paint job)

    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): 2 auto las cannons
    (Secondary): Poppers (EMP bombs that attach to the hull of an enemy fighter disabling their systems, makes catching bounties easier)

    Ship Modifications: Engine speed upgrade (circuits were rerouted and new engines were applied to the Vexica to increase the engine speed.)
    Mod Backlash: slower weapon fire rate (the circuit reroutings had to come from the weapons systems thus causing the fire rate to decrease.
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    Name: Death's Hand (real name Unknown)
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Verso III
    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Height: 6 foot 2
    Weight: ???
    Appearance/Apparel: Constantly wrapped in midnight black cloth, Death's Hand is a figure of fear. His tall figure and muscled body only add to his frightening apperance.
    Personality: "If it moves and has money, shoot it." That is his motto. He gets the job done, kills people and takes their money.
    Background: He says he comes from the land of the dead to wreak havoc on that of the living. He is actually a brain-damaged nutter. Nothing else is known.
    Weapons: Laser Pistol with scope, lock on and rechargeable battery, Chainsaw-sword-thing
    Equipment: Multi-purpose grenades, GPS with Poison Tube holder.
    Special Equipment/Ability: Laser Rope that can be used to strangle, whip, swing and climb.

    Star Fighter Sheet

    Ship Name: Death's Arrow
    Length: 7 meters
    Width: 3 meters at back, 50 cm at front.
    Age of Ownership: 6 Months
    Ship Type: Starfighter
    Appearance: A pure black arrow-tip shape with tinted windows.
    History: A prototype TC ship, Death's Hand stole it from a delivery ship whilst he pretended to be with the Space Pirate. He has used it ever since.
    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): Lasers (consistent stream).
    (Secondary): Mini-nuke (Very powerful, very fast, very expensive)
    Ship Modifications: A laser covering, that allows him to drive through other ships.
    Mod Backlash: Can be destroyed by shooting -t-h0e =++er,,<or.
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    On a plane filled with Motherf**king Snakes.
    Name: Former Pvt. Jerrome Russel-Leon Sarklin
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Dunon
    Class: Rogue
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight:65 KG
    Appearance/Apparel: usually dressed in his army fatigues out of practicality rather than loyalty. The basic grays of Private with the TC insignia stitched on the right shoulder. unkempt curly hair and gray eyes along with his weight make him look gaunt at the best of times. No army man

    Personality: Jerrome is cautious now that he is on his own, on first impression people take him to be a nervous child lost is a big scary world but is really a genius in his own right. he finds peace in tinkering and upgrading his ship with his own inventions, and is just as happy repairing the damage to other systems that his 'upgrades' may inadvertently cause.

    Background:from the UNH mining planet of Dunon Jerrome joined the TC military at 16 to escape from the prospect of working the mining machines. He trained as a pilot for 2 years and excelled, completing the training course in half the usual time. The military soon discovered his ability with electronics and mechanics - and considering he wasnt doing so well with the other army brutes - he was moved into a research facility.

    Jerrome was forced to flee the army in a panic after the targeting software upgrade he had developed for the TC's fighters resulted in 14 ships having their own guided missiles return seconds after a live firing exercise.

    Weapons: jerrome doesnt carry any weapons for fear of their power cell exploding while on his person. but he does have a rifle or two on board his ship
    Equipment: always a few blank crystals and relay wire close by in case of some quick repairs. decryption jib for hijacking ships and breaking into secure programs, a small bottle of oil.

    Ship Name: Freshly stolen from the military it has yet to be renamed from TC-BMR 249X

    Length: 75m
    Age of Ownership: about 48 hours
    Ship Type: medium Bomber
    Appearance:not a new design, the medium sized 7-10 crew bomber was designed as a compromise between of star fighter and heavy bomber. It looks like a stretched out gray semi circle.with a flat section running along the center between the wings as the main function area. the wings themselves taper low and to the front.
    a fold out stair case is used to stabilize the rear when landed.

    History:still in use by the military but is starting to be considered an out dated design as there is no need for high speed bombers. newer models are larger, focus on shields and far more on firepower but a much slower
    Ship Weapons: on top there is a slow repeating heavy turret (currently damaged) and two smaller rapid fire las guns attached to the bottom the wings. the bottom is left clear as a drop zone for bombs and a docking bay for smaller single man starcraft.
    secondary one medium sized plasma bomb.

    Ship Modifications: military prototype shield generator upgrade by Jerrome has almost tripped its strength.
    Backlash jerrome cannot fire though his own shields until the upgrade is disabled. and it eats power like an icecream on a hotplate.
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    Name: Bridgett Ventura
    Age: 33, 29 if asked.
    Gender: Female
    Home Planet: Born in space, but spent a considerable amount of time on various Sol planets
    Class: Space Pirate
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 95 lbs.
    Appearance/Apparel: A bit on the petite side, curly blonde hair, hazel eyes. She tends to wear clothes that don't leave room for imagination, though currently brown leather pants, a white tank top, and a tactical vest.

    Personality: Generally outgoing, often hits up a cantina with the intentions of getting invited back to some spacer's ship, but once there proceeds to hijack the vessel.

    Background: Piracy is the only life she really knows, that and Sol prisons. Her mother was a waitress in a tavern in Earth Orbital Station E224-K. As a child, Bridgett would hear tales of adventure. Every spare credit she had was spent on training simulator time where she learned the workings of a space faring vessel. At age fifteen, a man offered to show her his ship. She accepted and ended up killing him after he tried taking advantage of her. She's been a pirate every since.

    500,000v stungun built into her left glove (requires her to touch the target to incapacitate them)
    Heavy Laser with a cracked lasing chamber (creates a less powerful beam, but splits it up like a shotgun blast)

    Equipment: Breaching charges (explosives designed to open locked/sealed doors)
    Special Equipment/Ability: Bridgett knows the recognition codes for several merchant fleets and can use them to mask her ship from medium-long range scans

    Star Fighter Sheet:

    Ship Name: Hidden Dagger (If scanned from medium-long range, it appears as Delphi Industries Freighter 2R9771)
    Length: 16ft
    3ft (8 ft at the cockpit bubble)
    Nacelles: 10ft
    Age of Ownership: 4 years
    Ship Type: Light Fighter

    Appearance: Designed to be give the pilot maximum viewing ability, the Hidden Dagger has a short narrow hull with struts on either side to keep it's dual engines and their heat away from the pilot. The cockpit is nearly a full bubble shape at the nose of the vessel giving unmatched visibility, but rather poor protection.

    It looks like this:

    History: Originally designed and mass produced as scouts for UNH fleets, the Stiletto Class also proved to be a fast and nimble, yet flimsy fighter. In the event that enemy weapons manage to seriously damage the ship, the entire cockpit can be jettisoned to save the pilot. The type has since been decommissioned and many have found their way into nefarious hands. This one in particular was originally used to patrol the outskirts of Penal Colony 29-a on Earth's moon. Bridgett killed a guard, used his security badge to gain access to the hangar, and swiped this one to escape.

    Ship Weapons:
    Laser Beam
    (Secondary): Currently a pair of missiles with magnesium oxide charges (designed to quickly burn a hole in a ship's hull, but not create a massive explosion), though the two missile mounts will take most standard UNH missiles.

    Ship Modifications: Laser beam harmonics adjuster - causes the ship's laser to cut through shields much faster than normal
    Mod Backlash: Unless the ship's scanners can tell exactly what the target's hull is made out of so it can adjust (it usually cannot, the scanner is not that good. This is a light fighter after all.), the beam has much more trouble cutting through hull plating... even if the hull were made from wet paper. With only a pair of missiles to damage the hull, the Hidden Dagger is not effective against large ships that can seal compartments or multiple ships.
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    Occ: Got a little creative, Tell me if I should edit something

    Name: Faith (Widely Known a Phantom Icarus)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Ajani Systems (Only know to Faith)
    Class: Rogue
    Height: 5’ 10”
    Weight: 145 Lbs
    Appearance/Apparel: Blood dyed hair (dark brown), with pure red hair underneath the coated blood, as well as along the edges or the hair (visible parts). His skin is tanned brown, and scars all over the body, including a large line along the left arm. He wears a ragged brown cloak, with black overalls underneath. He wears a worn out sandals and carries around a sheath with a blade in it. He also wears a silver amulet with the symbol of a crescent moon hidden underneath his attire.

    Personality: He is kind, yet rude. He stays on his own, and usually attempts to avoid conflict, but he will always attempt to protect others when they can not protect themselves. He speaks little, but once he starts, he can not stop. He is something but he is not. Faith is a basic human contradiction in his personality.

    Background: He was raised by pirates in the Ajani Systems, with no parents to go in his memory. He trained harder than any of them, and dreamed dreams that where different than the others. The very pirate crew that he adores and cherished so much is also the people that he despised. He like the people, but hated what they did. Fifteen years he spent in the Ajani Systems defending himself while the pirates left, and not even thinking about leaving because he always waited for his “family” to come back to him. But he soon figured that they would not return to him, so he took out, and joined the UNH military, that is, till five years later, them figuring out that he was raised as a pirate, and kicked out, and almost beheaded, but he managed to escape prison. While he was in the military, he was considered in the top ranks, and became known as a legend. He mainly used his speed and his brains as his weapon, and thus became known as the Phantom Icarus. You would not see him coming, and if you do, that would be your downfall. He mainly uses the blade for close range, and sniper blade for far range. For the remaining one year of his life, he just roams around. No enemy has seen his face and lived.

    Weapons: He carries around a Katana (can cut through any object), with a bullet proof coating metallic substance, which transforms into a 2000 meters sniper rifle, which he can use perfectly. This weapon was engineered by himself, though the weapons itself was collected and combined from various other that are in existence. This is a one of a kind, and pretty much light weight (for skilled fighters). The ammo is a rechargeable battery that carries 250 shots)

    Equipment: Human Heat vision Scope (x120 magnification), Scope (x150 magnification), secondary rechargeable ammo, double ammo recharger.

    Special Equipment/Ability: Inhuman speed, reaction and accuracy. Really High IQ.

    Star Fighter Sheet: You have the option of either using a star fighter, a star bomber, or if you wish for using neither you can be part of the crew, however your character won’t appear till later in the game (if crew just place crew in the star fighter sheet). Your ship can be something you purchased, stole, or possibly ‘borrowed’ from a military installation (Rogues only).

    Ship Name: Phantom Rider
    Length: 10 Meters
    Width: 5 meters
    Age of Ownership: 1 ½ year
    Ship Type: Star Fighter

    Appearance: A small Silver Star fighter (pretty old), and camo abilities to blend with background.


    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): Power Booster (Speeds up the ship beyond any other’s ship maximum possible limit, and knocks them back a few meters, sometimes, enough to tear the ship apart, of course very risky)
    (Secondary): Tactical Lasers (Sends multiple shots from a really, really far range, but it’s difficult to handle, even for a genius who created this like Faith, for they have to keep their eyes, and estimate where the targets will be at that point of time, and fire at the right time, as well as accounting for the ship’s own movement.

    Ship Modifications: Stole some Booster from the black market, and engineered it to become the power booster. Tacical Lasers were engineered with the already existing parts inside the ship.
    Mod Backlash: Ship overheats if use either of the weapons (or both) more than three times. (So can only use the weapons 3 times no more or boom. Ex: Primary, Secondary, secondary, no more).
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    Name: Despeace(True name hidden)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Realizon V
    Class: Rogue
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 134lb
    Appearance/Apparel: Brown skinned, hair raised on the left side and combed on the right side, black eyes, cloaked

    Personality: He is kind and benevolent from outside. Speaks calmly but from the inside he is in constant fear of an attack. Can effectively avoid a fight by his diplomatic nature.

    Background: He was gifted since birth and rose through the ranks to become the under-secretary of Mark Marker who brought about the peace treaty that created the UNH. Later, Mark was killed by rebels and the UNH was controlled by DARK leaders. He was soon promoted in the ranks of UNH for being an able soldier in raids. He was soon one of the feared soldiers of UNH. His raids on Terran Confederacy meant that there was a huge bounty upon him. He soon began to see the war as hopeless and aspired for a treaty. He tried to convince the leaders in vain. One dark night, he infiltrated the Base and escaped on his Star Fighter to become one of the free.

    Weapons: Twin Laser Light Macs (recharged by photons from the star)
    Equipment: Super Dense Explosives (pea-sized)(not a great explosion but enough to knock a human away)
    Special Equipment/Ability: Expert at Computer Systems and Aircrafts

    Star Fighter Sheet:

    Ship Name: AL320(final model of AL series)
    Length: 21 feet
    Width: 15 feet
    Age of Ownership: 2 years
    Ship Type: Heavy Star Fighter

    Appearance: the front end is curved. It appears in a triangle shape.

    History: Used only by Despeace but owned by government. Escaped on this craft.

    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): Pulse Cannons (fires filament like substance, destabilizes electronic systems also)
    (Secondary): Impact Bomb (not quite damaging but releases a wave that pushes away any object within a range of 150 feet)(the object impacted is normally sent to a distance of 1500 metres in air)(if hit directly on an object: low possibility; the said object implodes)

    Ship Modifications: Photon Recharger(can also be used as another weapon by releasing the photons at the target while at a highly unstable state)(converts photon energy from star for use by weapons)
    Mod Backlash: Glows brightly while charging. Easily detectable on even the most rudimentary radars.
  8. Boom Bach

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    Jun 7, 2010
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    Name: Dallas A. Lecke
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Ajani 16
    Class: Bounty Hunter
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 140lbs
    Appearance/Apparel: Has a store bought camouflage jacket which is worn an torn. With some more camo jeans. He always has camouflage hat and bandanna with him or on in case of a sticky situation. He is considered rather attraction. With short brown hair, and bright green eyes. He is muscular but nothing special.
    Personality: He is rather outgoing, a gentlemen. Until he snaps in hunt mode. Where nothing even his life, is more important than the mission. But he seems haunted by the lives he takes. But assuming he travels alone. No one can really tell. If you call him pretty boy your a client...or dead. He is a very likable person. Most of the other bounty hunters like him. Even the lunatics. I guess they see childish personality. in him, or they just aren't used to a bounty hunter that isn't psycho.
    Background: He is a veteran of the Ajani 16 civil war.
    Weapons: He owns a single pistol, which hangs on his hip. He has countless knifes. But he also contains a state of an art assault rifle. Which can double as a sniper or a machine gun if need be.
    Equipment: He's not one for grenades.
    Special Equipment/Ability: Has a natural talent with knifes.
    Ship Name: Parvarti
    Length: 20 feet
    Width: 7 feet
    Age of Ownership: 7 years
    Ship Type: A speeder. Meant to avoid.
    Appearance: Is bright yellow with racing stripes on it. And a crude painted on letters spelling Parvarti.
    History: It belonged to a famous bounty hunter. Who Lecke prays he will never run into.
    Ship Weapons:
    9Primary): A small automatic laser gun mounted on the bottom of the ship.
    Ship Modifications: A lock on. It locks on and will let me follow you from trillions of miles away.
    Mod Backlash: It must be on auto pilot. And on't stop just because a planet is in the way.
  9. thesilverdepths

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    Dare you ask?
    Name: Whit Merlaye
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Terran II
    Class: Merchant
    Height: 5'6''
    Weight: 141 lbs
    Appearance/Apparel: Not a very imposing figure but dashing in appearance, Whit has dark hair and beige eyes that are flecked with a bit of maroon. Normally wears slightly expensive shirts, black/dark colored pants and shoe-wear.

    Personality: A man of sound intelligence, he is good-natured and amiable towards people, those he is familiar with and strangers alike. Has an ambitious attitude to snag opportunity where it presents itself, this has landed him in some trouble more than once.

    Background: Raised on the lavish wealth of the Merlaye family, Whit lived on Terra for most of his youth, learning business and economics at a private academy. In his later years, a scandal trying to bed one of the rich daughters from another Terran business got him a one way ticket to Terra II. There he spent his bank account creds attempting to forge a small company, and purchased his first ship, hoping to make it big amongst the stars.

    Weapons: A small, ornate hardwood laspistol with an 11 round clip.
    Equipment: One emp/ion grenade, just in case.
    Special Equipment/Ability: Whit was a talented fencer during his adolescence, and has kept improving on this skill until now. In a velvet lined box in his cabin he has a prized (and costly if taken) schiavona sword, for close quarters.

    Star Fighter Sheet:
    Ship Name: The Josephine
    Length: 32 ft
    Width: 17 ft
    Crew: 5 (Whit, 1 assistant pilot, 3 deck hands)
    Age of Ownership: 1 year and 2 months
    Ship Type: Exquisite merchant vessel, built for travel and slight protection against space pirates.

    Appearance: A polished, silver hulled ship. It has one vector-thrust engine in the rear. Emblazoned on one side of the ship in italicized gold lettering is the name "Josephine".

    History: Originally named The Evening Empress, a cargo ship hauling weapon supplies to the military installations in the Relizon system. Whit had the ship imported and immediately renamed it after the girl who effectively got him kicked off of Terra. He customized the ship to his needs, refurbishing the inner compartments to a more regal appearance. It has minimum weaponry for defense, because it's mostly made for constant inter-planetary travel

    Ship Weapons:
    Primary: A light auto laser turret near the front of the hull, able to pepper the enemy at best. At the bottom, a co-axial lasbeam emplacement that fires at a steady stream.
    Secondary: Star flares, the "flash-bangs" of space, used to disorient and confuse for a quick get away.

    Ship Modifications: "Josephine's Lance", the single engine of the ship will channel it's energy into the lasbeam under the hull of the ship, making it thrice more powerful, and widening the beam.
    Mod Backlash: Overheat will cause The Josephine to remain immobile with all systems shut down for a full 10 minutes before re-use.
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    The Netherlands
    Name: Colton Grey

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Home Planet: Verso VIII

    Class: Rogue

    Height: 1.94 M

    Weight: 75 Kg

    Appearance/Apparel: A man with messy, jet-black hair and usually some stubble, because he doesn't shave very often. His eyes are a dark grey. He wears regular jeans and cotton T-shirts, and a long trenchcoat made out of black leather. A brown belt with a regular iron buckle. Black sneakers.

    Personality: He suffers from post-traumatic stress from an incident where he lost his left hand. As he used to be a UNH soldier, but he always tries to hide it. It did turn him into a silent and depressed man, who tries to avoid social contact.

    Background: Born on Verso III, he studied biology and psyhics at a university but after losing his money from robbers, he joined the UNH army for money to continue his study. After accidentaly killing the wrong person, a UNH officer, he was hunted down but escaped with a UNH ship.

    Weapons: A sniper rifle with x130 magnification, from his army time. A hunting knife that is clipped to his belt. The rifle is strapped to his back with leather straps in a plastic case, which he can remove it from in a flash. He is very good at handling it and always has some extra ammo around.

    Equipment: A handfull of mini-grenades that he also keeps strapped to his belt.

    Special Equipment/Ability: His left hand was replaced with a bionic one at the army's costs, because he needed it as a sniper. The hand can react as any normal hand, but squeezes harder because it's robotic.

    Star Fighter Sheet

    Ship Name: Alpha Umbra, literally 'Leading Shadow'

    Length: 19 M.

    Width: 7 M.

    Age of Ownership: Five years.

    Ship Type: UNH Stealthy Shadow

    Appearance: The cockpit is orb-shaped, with two seats behind the control panel. A short tunnel connects the cockpit to the main part of the ship, where there's a room with a table in the middle, a small kitchen, a bunk bed, two glass plates on the table that function as TV's and computers. Two doors in the back lead to the storage room and the engine room that takes up the rest of the ship. The door is set into the side, with a miniature decompression room. The room is 2.70 metres high and 8 metres long.

    History: A UNH ship untill Grey escaped with it.

    Ship Weapons: Two laser cannons, consistent streams, set onto the sides of the hull.

    Twelve las torpedoes, fired by cannons that sprout from the main body to next to the cockpit.

    Ship Modifications: The ship has a Stealth Mode, meaning it can temporarily fade from view and any scanners.

    Mod Backlash: The Stealth Mode takes up a lot of energy and lasts for only ten minutes. Weapons cannot be fired in this state. It is used mainly for escaping from pirates.
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    In the mist, duh.
    “Dev” Eanraig - Rogue

    Name: Conchar “Dev” Eanraig
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Home Planet: Earth
    Class: Rogue
    Height: 5.8
    Weight: 160

    Build: Medium, collected in movements except when relaxed or lazy, then he lolls around.
    Hair: Light brown. Short, stiffly upright unless he works on it.
    Eyes: Blue like sea-ice. Anger is easily read in them, but other emotions don’t show up well.
    Facial Structure: Rather fine-boned, usually has a couple days’ worth of stubble unless he’s meeting someone he wants to make a good impression on.

    He wears rather ragged blue jeans with a drop-leg holster on the right. He puts on black combat boots and gloves as soon as he rolls out of his bunk. On ship just a tee-shirt and dark-blue, navy issue fatigue jacket. Off-ship and planet side wears a basic heat/ballistics resistant vest under his baggy, tan jacket. In combat situations or when full-body armor isn’t conspicuous he wears a Spec Ops Terra Marine CeramKev armor (a combination of Kevlar body suit and ceramic reinforcements).

    Personality: Wary of others, laconic until he feels like he knows them. Doesn’t believe anyone is trustworthy or honest, but will proceed as though they were. Understands the dangers of his life, but doesn’t let them affect what he does. Heights, knives, and pretty women make him nervous. He is fiercely loyal, but also unerring in his mission. If betrayed, the latter has been known to overcome the former. Authority and proper command are important to him. Wouldn’t even have a problem with absolute monarchy, but is very sensitive to misused authority or governments “acting up.” While in the navy was continually being disgusted by the inefficiency of the bureaucracy and red tape. Used restrictions on insecure military communications, required updates for comm. equipment, and proper ship designation coding to confuse and befriend the fleet flight guide that was checking him for clearance when escaping Terra.

    Background: Born on Earth to a middle-class family of British heritage. They started traveling to different planets when he was young, ultimately settling on Terra. A graduate of the Terran Confederacy Naval Academy, he was successful with all tasks assigned to him, and his loyalty to his men made them, in turn, loyal to him. Two years an Ensign, he then rose rapidly to the rank of Lieutenant. For the next year he was the right hand of his Commander, and the combination of the two made their ship spoken of with envy and hope in the cafeteria and halls of the Academy. On his last mission he caught his commander breaching mission-critical security to an officer in the UNH and shot her. Avoiding a UNH force that appeared soon after, he finished the mission and then got the ship and crew back to Terra. On house-arrest awaiting court marshal he couldn’t handle the situation (the betrayal of his officer/friend and messy turn his life was taking) and was driven to get away. Stealing a light cruiser still in testing, he bluffed his way past the planetary fleet and headed for the Ajani system.

    Weapons: Acknowledges lasweapons as efficient and useful, but prefers not to carry them on his person. Instead carries a family heirloom; a Colt 1911 with the word; “Reila” recently engraved on the barrel. He always carries a tanto combat knife sheathed horizontally on the back of his belt and a pack of bubble gum in breast pocket.
    Equipment: Carries three Plasmic wall mines, each about as broad as a hand.
    Special Equipment/Ability: Very good with communications systems. Once, when stranded planet-side, he used a torpedo guidance system to convert a line-of-sight only radio into an interplanetary one.

    Star Fighter Sheet:

    Ship Name: Currently Unnamed – designated; G-77x LC/LSC
    Length: 75 metres
    Width: 8 metres
    Age of Ownership: 2 weeks
    Ship Type: Light Cruiser/Landing Support Craft Prototype. In actuality a ground suppression design but lacking the heavy air-to-ground weaponry of an LSC. Some ship-to-ship weaponry had been installed just prior to “reassignment,” so is currently a low-atmosphere capable heavy fighter. It was designed to run best with a three-man crew, but redesigning made it completely effective with a single crewmember and an AI.

    Appearance: It looks something (actually a lot) like an Avenger-class dropship.

    History: Terra Navy prototype. Designation was never updated to reflect the redesigning that resulted from tests. Started out as an atmosphere, ground suppression capable light cruiser, but tests redesigned it into what amounts to a low-atmosphere capable heavy fighter.

    Ship Weapons:
    (Primary): Single laser turret up top.
    (Secondary): Rotating belly turret, initially intended for las beam ground suppression, but installed with ion torpedo tubes. Twin missile pylons just aft the cockpit for atmosphere-only antiarmor missiles. Arms state/quantity: When stolen was armed with a light loadout for testing the next day: 4 ion torpedoes, 2 antiarmor missiles.

    Ship Modifications: Just last week traded an ion torpedo (3 left) and a bunch of creds for an atmosphere capable stealthing system. Installed it yesterday.
    Mod Backlash: When running in atmosphere, the stealth system blankets IR signature. It can only operate for 150 minutes without overheating, and sensor anti-detection halves the sensor range. When running in space something causes it to interfere with the life-support, crashing it every now and then. It’s a real pain ‘cause the whole stats panel has to be removed to get where it can be reset, but he managed to get the time it takes to do so down to about six minutes. Which obviously leaves plenty of time with the forty-eight hour backup system.
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    Sorry, but this RPG has been inactive for quite a while, which is a shame, as it seemed like it had a lot of potential.
    I dunno for sure, the GM might revive it, but don't get your hopes up.
  13. Writing in the Mist

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    In the mist, duh.
    So it has...don't I feel like the idiot. Well it was fun creating the character (actually I kept the form and did another too, lol)!

    ~ Mist
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    Well, if you really want to join an RPG, I'm currently in the Pax RPG. It's a lot of fun, and I'm sure if you posted in the discussion thread, the GM would let you join.

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