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    Hello (A little bit late)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Tsukiko Spark, Jul 4, 2014.

    Hello All,
    I've already published one thread. But not here so...
    I'm Tsukiko Spark (not my real name, obviously...)
    I wrote a book:) Not published yet, still waiting...
    I try to ease this time till it gets published by writing a blog: [LINK REMOVED]
    But no one really enters it, so it feels like talking to myself... I can only laugh once or twice from the same joke.

    I mean, as a person who has just finished writing a whole book (with another 6 in her mind) I would really want people to read my stuff, but I need to wait...so I thought maybe try it here (again) to pass the time...some one must eventually read this thread.
    I mean really, if you are in this sentence you've already read a bunch of words I wrote (Hooray!)

    Thank you all for the time,
    Tsukiko Spark.
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    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    You're welcome
  3. KaTrian

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    Hi Tsukiko, and welcome to the forum! :)

    Here's the New Member Guide for starters. You might be interested in the Workshop if you want people to read and critique your writing (there're requirements for posting, though). Make your presence known, and people will look up your writing. :)

    Have fun!

    P.s. Had to remove the link from your post. There's more info on self-promotion in the guide. :)

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