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    Hello everyone! :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Kos, Dec 10, 2015.


    I've never been to a similar forum, and never been to forums much altogether, so this is a little bit awkward to introduce myself, hoping to fit well in one.

    Let me start this introduction by saying that I'm from Ukraine (even if living in Italy for the moment), so English is not my primary language, so please cope with me on that one :D I will try my best to express myself in a clearest way possible, which leads me to the next thing I wanted to say - why am I here.

    I've had a passion for reading ever since I've been in primary school (always took pride in being the kid who reads the most. Yeah, I'm THAT kid). But, as all stories come to an end, so did the reading one: I just abandoned it with no actual reason behind it. Blame it on the UFO's, a change in Earth's axis or the fact I've moved to Italy - I've no idea.

    Years flew by and only recently I've noticed I got more and more interested again in reading (aside from creepypastas, which had been my personal dose of drugs for the last 3 years), so I've decided to start with what I liked the most - horror. Stephen King for the most part. It really was the gate which led me to some more difficult authors for someone who wasn't used to carry a dictionary around when reading. This was the start of my love story with Poe and Lovecraft (there is something in esoterism that's particularly fascinating).

    Before I continue, I want to give you some more insight, so the next paragraph will be easier to understand. When I moved to Italy, at the young age of 12, I found a CD with "The Up In Smoke Tour", which was a huge rap-tour back in early 2000's. This was when I discovered my passion for music, especially hip hop. I've taken up writing hip hop lyrics at the age of 16, and made some progress which, nonetheless, didn't impress me much. Despite being told by people that they really liked what I was writing, there was something that was missing. A very important thing, one I couldn't quite figured out. I just wasn't happy with anything I've ever written - so 2 projects, carelessly named "mixtapes" were thrown out the window without even bothering to record them. And then, in early 2015, it clicked.

    In February, I've lost my job to some personal issues and found myself at home for almost 6 months. I've had time to think about everything: the writer's block which was a result of me being not happy about my craft, my feelings of unworthiness and everything else. Then, in April (I believe), Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp A Butterfly" came out and, for those who don't follow this type of music, I must explain that it was crafted as a story, tackling social issues and peer pressure. This breathed new life into my desire to make something musically and I've finally decided was was lacking - a decent storyline.

    Long story short, my aim is to write a mixtape where songs, in their complexity, form a storyline. No emphasis on punchlines, "I'm better than you" or excessive genitalia jokes :D I'm looking forward to social satire, painful memories and, most importantly, therapeutic end of this journey, the one I really need right now.

    Really looking forward to becoming a part of this community, and hope to bring something decent to the table. Have a nice day, person who's reading this! :)
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    The short story contest needs more votes. Want to immerse yourself in this forum? Don't be shy. Become a voter in the short story contest. Get started on the right foot. Make someone's day and vote for their story. The link is in my sig. :agreed:

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