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  1. Kalashnikov

    Kalashnikov New Member

    Jun 30, 2014
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    Hello, folks!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Kalashnikov, Jun 30, 2014.

    I am a 24 year old medical student who always harbored a flair for writing stories, poetry and speeches. As a child, I was often criticized by my teachers for my lackluster skills in mathematics but just as often, I was praised for my ability to write my own stories.

    I have been writing since I have been 11, I have been reading to improve my skills in storytelling, character development, and have always dreamed of publishing my own book. I wrote and held two speeches for newly sworn-in medical students, I held the farewell speech for my regiment upon finishing service in the Royal Swedish Marine Corps and I wrote several short-stories for the local newspaper.

    I am especially fond of the noir genre, growing up with watching black-and-white, hard boiled crime dramas and in later years, reading noir classics.

    Much obliged,

  2. KaTrian

    KaTrian A foolish little beast. Staff Supporter Contributor

    Mar 17, 2013
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    Dreg Heap
    Welcome to the forum, Kalashnikov!

    Royal Swedish Marine Corps? Color me ignorant, but that probably implies you're a Swede? Always nice to bump into other Nordics. :) Så... välkommen!

    In case you're yet to check it out, here's our New Member Guide for starters.

    Have fun, and see you on the boards. :)


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