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    Hello I'm Ella December

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by EllaDecember, Aug 12, 2013.

    (I think I may have introduced myself before, but I might as well introduce myself a second time as I'm going to use this forum properly now)

    Hi I’m Ella December a 20 year old writer from London. Since September, I’ve written eight short story books. Three of them are from a series of books inspired by music, the other five are a serial short story series. My work varies from literary genre to tragedy to forbidden love to chick lit. My work also features vivid and amazing artwork from British Filipino artist Mikey Espinosa. I would really appreciate it, if my fellow writers could read my work and give me constructive feedback. I have currently amassed 60,000 reads plus. I am currently at the moment working on my first novel that will be published in eBook format.
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    Sounds like you've pretty much got things figured out man. I'm dt. Been around the forum for something like a thousand years. Good community and really helpful when it comes to feedback since that is the focus of the site. Look forward to reading some of your work. Have fun!

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