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    Hello! Introducing myself, but also have questions!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Fifth Business, Feb 28, 2012.

    Typically I don't post in introduction threads but since I didn't want to just go in headstrong and post any writing or reviews right away without some info first, I've decided I would say my first hello here.

    My name is Charlie and when I was younger (and by younger, I mean 10-14, since I am still very young now) I used to be extremely "artsy". I wrote all of the time, submitted a lot of my work and frequented many forums, even becoming a moderator on a few. Through my high school years, I somewhat abandoned it and now I'm nearing the end of my final year and the need to be creative has hit me once again and so here I am, trying to regain the paradigm forming wisdom I had once accumulated but have lost in the past few years.

    The questions I have are:

    Okay so I have read the rules and I have to wait 14 days and have 20 posts before I can post any of my own writing in the workshop. I am assuming though, that I am still free to critique other people's work in the time being?

    Also, am I still able to do the writing contests?

    Happy days and happy nights!
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    Welcome to Writing Forums, Charlie!

    I hope you find what you're looking for here, whatever your interests in writing.

    This forum aims to provide the best workshopping resources on the internet, and to that end we have a few rules which you should familiarise yourself with before you get stuck in. The main section of the site is the Writing Workshop, where members can post their writing in order to receive critique of their work.

    However, before we allow members to post their work, they must have met some basic requirments. Firstly, you must have been a member for fourteen days, and have made twenty posts on the forum overall (please note, posts in Word Games do not count towards this). This is so that members, when they post their work, have familiarised themselves with the forums and contributed to them (as well as hopefully learned something for themselves). Secondly, members must provide two constructive reviews of other people's work for each piece of their own that they wish to post. This is because we believe that the focus of workshopping should be equally upon giving reviews as receiving them, as they allow a writer to practice and improve their editing skills, which they can then apply to their own writing.

    Beyond the Writing Workshop, you will find that we have extensive forums for discussion of aspects of writing, as well as a community area for general discussion. We also run periodic short story and poetry contests, which are good for challenging yourself and expanding your skills.

    If you have any questions or problems, then the moderators (myself and Cogito) should be your first port of call. Any technical problems with the site itself should be directed to Daniel, the site administrator and owner. I would recommend you have a look over the rules so that you know what to expect, and what is expected. But aside from that, I hope you enjoy your time here.


    PS - The contests have no entry requirements- any member can enter them.
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    Welcome to the forums, Charlie! That's actually my name too, go figure.
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    You're supposed to. You're required to provide at least two critiques for other people before posting your own work.

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