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    Hello There :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Scarlette07, Jun 24, 2014.

    Hi, I'm Scarlette, just your ordinary college girl who loves reading all sorts of stuff (manga, novels, blogs) and watching anime, korean dramas, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet (yeah yeah, I love documentaries) and playing games with great plots (I'm looking at you 'Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective').

    I usually read feel-good novels like chick flicks and adventure books with vibrant worlds that are not too grim and miserable.

    I dislike sad endings, they just crush your heart for days specially if you get attached to the characters and make you feel like hunting for the author and scaring him or her to death just to change the ending.

    Detective stories are nice, but I prefer those that are less serious and incorporate humor into the plot (Like the TV series 'Castle').

    Not a native English speaker here but I've been thought English ever since I started school. We also use English in classes but I still feel my skills are lacking.

    Despite of that, I've enjoyed English materials a lot more than the stories written in my native tongue.

    Lastly, I do NOT enjoy fluff. The more details you write about a passerby's dress, or a tree 2 meters away from the scene, or something else that doesn't really matter, the more I'd dislike your work. I've never understood why some people would fill their fiction books with 70 percent detail and 30 percent action.

    Unfortunately, those are the kinds of books that are mandatory to read by students for essays and reviews here so I've disliked books before. Thanks to my sister who recommended tons of fun novels, my dislike slowly faded but I could still feel the trauma whenever I see a huge chunk of description.

    So yep! That's it for my introduction! I was planning to make it short but somehow it turned longer than expected, so thanks a lot for spending your time to read this. :)
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    Hi Scarlette, and welcome to the forum. :)

    Please check out the New Member Guide for starters.

    And have fun! :)


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