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    Hello there!!

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    This is my first novel.

    Until i started this, I had never written anything longer than a couple of thousand words in my life. Putting my fingers onto the keyboard has been a marathon already. I have "finished" the first draft that was completed just over sixty five thousand words. So much of what i wanted to tell was missing. The story in my head was nothing like the one i had written,

    After finishing that draft I waited and waited. Then, I waited some more.

    After months of waiting for inspiration, i forced myself to start writing again.

    Then i decided to stop waiting and to start writing again. I still had this story buzzing around in my head and it was becoming more complex everyday. I began to write but for some reason, the process seemed laborious and painful. I couldn't write down any idea i had. I didn't have any new ideas. As I wrote, my characters seemed locked into the same story I had written months earlier.

    I came to the conclusion that i didn't enjoy writing this way. I came up with the idea of documenting how I learn to write my first book. I know that the story i have to tell is good. If i could just get it out on paper correctly.

    While Malcolm Gladwell is often misquoted when people say "you have to have 10,000 hours in a subject to be an expert,” i still think it holds true. It is something I am aiming for here.

    First, i would like to state that I know my Grammar is pretty terrible. I explain too much when i shouldn't and i hold back on information when i should tell the reader everything.
    Second; I know my story may seem a little disjointed. that is because it is. This is a working project and only a draft. I expect to need to write at LEAST another draft after this before i even think about editors.

    I admit. I am not advertising myself very well.

    I started this website up because i want to share with anyone, the processes I am going through in writing my novel. The genre may not call to you but i want to turn this site into a platform where i can document my experiences of learning to write what I hope will be a memorable story.

    Why even write a book in the first place?
    I had been reading alot. Any fantasy that i could get my hands on really. I actually finished the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. A set of Fourteen books that almost never got finished. My deepest respects goes out to him. He told his story. Up until the end.

    Many people name Tolkien as their favourite author. He was outstanding. He was the first to create the histories of a such a new and fantastic world. I don't think there has been any other author who has created anything as in depth and well thought out as his stories, regardless of genre. In my opinion, without Tolkien, modern fantasy would not exist

    I however, fell in love with fantasy because of a different author. David Gemmell.
    His stories called to me. The idea that life is rarely about being good or bad has allowed me to accept a certain faith in life. Over time everything balances out.
    At a time in my life when I needed to read about flawed warriors fighting off "The Evil Strong," i found Legend. David Gemmells first novel. I actually discovered the story through the Fangorn Graphic Novel by David Gemmell and
    Stan Nicholls. I simply couldn't put it down. Druss the legend was possibly the greatest character that I had ever experienced. In any Medium. The very next day I went to Waterstones and bought three of his books.
    Legend, Waylander and Winter Warriors.
    I have been hooked on the genre ever since.
    I personally prefer "one shot" fantasies. A story told over the course of one book. That two year wait for the next instalment reminds me of being forced to wait three years to watch the next Star Wars. Utter torture. David Gemmell did exactly that. Even books that were part of a series could easily be read as a standalone story. I love that. You finish each of his books with a sense of closure.
    Sadly, David died in 2006 and I have missed his words since.

    It was whilst reading through Gemmell's works for the fifth time that I began to think; Why can't I do this? The idea stuck.
    I was at a loss how to start though, what to write, what could happen? Then one night, I had a dream. A very strange dream. The next day, I started writing.

    I have finished the first draft of my novel which stood in at 65,000 words. The thing was though. After i had finished it. The idea for the story just kept coming. My second draft had to be a complete rewrite, from the ground up.

    It is this second draft that I have decided to post on my website as and when I write a new section.

    I welcome messages of constructive criticism. I am utterly new to the process of writing a novel and i am always open to suggestions to improve my style.

    I truly hope you enjoy my story. The process of writing is truly amazing.

    you can find my website and novel here; www.darkness-falls.co.uk
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