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    Sep 19, 2015
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    Hello! young aspiring writer here..

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by iniminimoshimo, Sep 19, 2015.

    Hello everyone!
    I am an 18 year old girl from Belgium, who has already browsed the forums and found it and its community exactly what I was searching for. Friendly, mature people of all ages whose objective is no more than to help fellow writers and, of course, improve their own writing. I would like to warn you beforehand because this post might be a little long. Then again, I imagine you guys don't mind long posts!

    I have loved making up stories ever since I was a child. At my grandparents' house there wasn't much to do, but there was loads of empty paper and lots of pencils and pens to draw and write with. So I did. I had countless imaginary friends and they all had names and most of them had little backstories.
    Sadly most of it has been thrown away during the years but a few gems have been kept in the drawers of the desk I used to sit at. Silly little poems and songs about silly little things, e.g. kittens or things I had seen that week; drawings of various things, but most often my imaginary friends; short stories and chapters of what I later planned to write as a full story; and of course the single page comics, portraying a bank robber named Tom the Devil and his family. On the old desktop computer at their attic I have even discovered a full, more than 10-page story describing the entire life of a little boy and his family: from the early childhood to his death as an elderly man, having lived a full life. I spent hours and hours in that little attic at the back of the house.
    Even when my younger brother and I played we acted and reenacted stories. Our old house stood next to an empty road; there we would roller skate our way through the tales we made up together.

    As I hit puberty and discovered the delights of the internet and virtual gaming, my well of fantasy slowly dried out. Well, almost. During highschool we frequently received writing exercises and I hated them at first, since we never got enough time for my brain to properly enter 'writing mode'. However, if given enough time, the teachers would always praise my work. I recall my 5th grade (as in, 5th year of highschool) English teacher asking me whether or not I had actually written my assignment by myself and hadn't taken an article straight off the internet somewhere. That being said, I feel like I must add that I (obviously) still have a LOT to learn.

    Now that I'm about to start my first year at university, I live in a dorm five days of the week. My new laptop that has been specially bought for school use (and thus doesn't have an amazing graphics card) can't handle the games I like to play, like Skyrim. The first night I was here I didn't even have a laptop yet!
    So... I started to write: I rediscovered how much I loved writing and plan to do it more frequently now.

    I would like your help in that. :supersmile:

    I would also like to apologise for any errors I may have made in this post. I have tried to write it as grammatically correct as possible, googling things when I was uncertain, backspacing and rewriting,.. English is not my first language and I still have a lot to learn about that, too. Feel free to be a grammar nazi and address any mishaps. I would very much appreciate it!
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    Hey! Welcome aboard :)

    I remember when I made stories as a kid, that really took me back... I still have pages of character drawings and scenes for premises I made up on a lark.

    Good luck at university, and as far as writing goes you've come to the right place :D
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    fargo, ND

    I can barely remember writing a few stories way back in elementary school. One was something about a kid building a time machine out of used parts in a junk yard... I only wish that desire of storytelling stuck with me more instead of going into hibernation for the next few decades.

    anyways till next post :supercool:
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    My Awefull World Inside My Head
    Hi, you seem to be pretty proficient in English to me.

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