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    Hello, all. (Well, those that read this section.)

    My name is William, and I respond to any of the given nicknames apart from Bill or Billy. I am a programmer at a University. I enjoy being outdoors, have reasonable passport accomplishments for my age, and love to read. I wrote briefly aged fourteen upon reading the final passage of the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I haven't written much since those three weeks where I dreamed of fame, fortune, and highbrow discussions in Manhattan more than I actually wrote. Most of my teenage years were devoted to sports, however, I maintained a passion for reading. In my current career I have a good deal of free time, and thus have decided on a hobby: writing short stories. I joined this community—I lack an English degree/formal training, writing experience, peers whom write, etc.—for the simple desire to learn and improve. I gathered there isn't a better way than to interact with those at various stages of honing his or her craft.

    tl;dr William. Free Time. Want to Learn to Write Good.
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    Clearly you like to write. :p

    Welcome to the forum William.

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