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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Amadeus Birca, Sep 12, 2014.

    Hello there!
    My name is Amadeus Birca, I am a student of art (focusing on graphic illustrations). I am of Romanian nationality, studying at the moment in Slovenia (A Europe boy through and through). While English isn't my native tongue, I learned it quite early through movies, comics and what books I was able to find.

    Next to the pencil and ink I also work with words (Or try to). A few years ago, I started working on my own fiction, relying on Slavic mythology and other Eastern European folklore as a basis. The fiction gives me ground to work with my illustrations. It's a dark medieval setting, placed in the fictitious valley of Birmwood and contains a still work in progress mythology, history, etc. At the moment I have 2 chapters of the book done and I intend to share them with you once I have the privilege to.

    I stumbled across this forum after searching for a hub to connect with others who find themselves writing, exchanging words, getting some feedback and generally communicating (yay). So, I hope my stay here will be fruitful and you will accept me with open arms!
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    Welcome to the forum, Amadeus. :)

    Here's our New Member Guide to get you started. Maybe you already took a look at it, but just in case. :)

    See you around!


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