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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Godispoohbear, Oct 26, 2014.

    Hello, you guys can call me Jo. I'm no stranger to forums. Though this is my first writing community, I will do my best not to "noob" up your environment! I feel that I have the basic gist of the way things work here. With that being said, I really just want to dive right in, and get down to the meat of things. I'll be honest I'm pretty much a baby in regards to writing. I've been trying my hand at it for years, but to no avail. I always felt like I had so much to say, as though I had a unique imagination to display. Yet somehow I would just sit behind a blank sheet, feeling helpless, and awful. It wasn't until recently that I had my first breakthrough finding my voice, and letting go enough to seek help; admitting to myself that I don't know a damn thing about this craft. So here I am, throwing myself to you champions to be dissected, poked, and prodded. I'm here to grow as an artist, speak my mind, and hopefully make some friends.
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    Following the footprints in the sand...
    Welcome to the forums, Jo. There will be someone along shortly to provide the link to the New Users Guidelines. (I never remeber how...:rolleyes:). We are an amusing bunch. Click, read, and enjoy. Beware of the occasional hammer, not Thor's mind you...as for the most part we are a civilised group.

    - Darkkin, the Tedious
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    Hi Jo, and welcome to the forum!

    Good to hear you experienced a bit of an awakening there. I did too, when I realized I don't know anything about writing even though I had been writing for a long time. :D

    Here's our New Member Guide to get you started. :)
    Have fun!


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