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    Help continue a story?

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by PhillyWriter, Nov 9, 2015.

    Hello! New poster here. I have a question.

    I have an idea for a story. It involves a powerful Irish-Catholic family -- the powerful Mayor and his Lady MacBeth wife (conservative blue-collar Catholics) are in a struggle against the young scion of a rival family. At the same time, the college-aged son (Jason) of the wife's sister (and liberal recovering hippie who never cared much for local politics and has long battled with her sister) has just come to terms with his sexuality. The mayor and his aunt are furious as this jeopardizes their hold on power, as well as offends their conservative Catholic sensibilities. And, also, their power helped the son get a free ride to college. They tell Jason what they think of this. His mom is offended. The family is split.

    At the end of the first act, a guilt-ridden Jason swallows his pride and approaches The Mayor and his Aunt. And he tells them that he's sorry, he's wrong, and the family name and their hold over the town is way more important than him.

    However, I am having a hard time thinking of how the Mayor and his Aunt would react to this. On top of the town politics, there's also the family dynamic as well -- the nephew comes crawling to his aunt at the expense of her hated sister.

    Is there a place where I can ask for suggestions from other writers as to the potential reactions? Trying to navigate the boards and can't find the right place.

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    I think this would do well in the Character Development section.

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