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    Help from you guys? - History Of Trindlum

    Discussion in 'Setting Development' started by IlaridaArch, Jan 30, 2015.


    My name is Ilari and I think you creative people here could help me out on something. I've been creating a city in Minecraft and been working on background story for it. However, I am unfamiliar with writing summaries for settings, so maybe you would tell me your opinion on my text? I am amateur, don't go too hard on me. :)

    The text with few pictures of the setting.

    History Of Trindlum

    Founded on the coast of Rifted Sea, Trindlum became an important location for its neighbours. Not only it provided shelter for eastern people heading west, but newly set mining facility’s discovery of new minerals set its destiny to become the major metropolis of its time. Not too many years later, Trindlum had thriced its size and was declared as the major city state of its area.

    Size of your city brings power over your neighbouring lands. Power comes with responsibilities and enemies to your reign. Trindlum was no different and it did not take too long for it to face its first military challenge against northern coalition called ‘Prithe’, formed from two different cultures joined together to end Trindlum’s reign over The Midlands. The Conclave (Trindlum’s version of government) decided to take the battle on northern meadows, just on the other side of The Trin Mountain. This decision proved to be a correct one. Pritherian bandits were forced to attack on slightly rising slope, giving huge advantage for Trindlum’s men in arms. The battle was won with cost of few thousands and the bandits withdrew back to north, which is still habited by the descendants of these attackers. North is an unstable place and going there would mean the death of any citizen Of Trindlum. The old blood between these two powers is told through the years and remain unforgotten until settled.

    Regardless of its known peaceful charm and interests in commerce, the nobles of Trindlum realized they can not rely to expect same values from the other cultures. The decade of the military construction began by building the wall around the Old City part, which was the western path for the enemy to take with possible odds to win. Forts were raised, but this was not enough for the nobles. The new weaponry must be created and the engineers came up with powder based projectile weapon, which fired small ball of coal or iron (=musket). Once again, Trindlum had succeeded changing the history and this time it changed all the principals of military strategies. The word of new mystic weapon spread fast and calmed down the world with its existence. For a moment, as it would be only matter of time, when other cultures would get their hands on this new invention.

    Battles and incidents abroad aren’t the biggest threat for Trindlum. The true challenge is to keep the city going. City this large, housing more than 750 000 residents, needs large amounts of all resources. Food, clothing, building materials. And holding onto these is the key. Challenge being, these resources and materials are not inside the city walls. Exception being the mining network, which only entrance is guarded by military residence. For its nobles, Trindlum is an economical time bomb to go off. Like the sick son, who always wants more. It has been said that your reign lasts only the time it does not grow too much and when it does, it will face its inevitable fall.

    This day, Trindlum is still growing with estimated population of 915 000 and economy has turned down-slope. Small salvation lies in the new invention of the airships, which also made possible of advanced machinery to be developed and the third harbor, that raises the possible volume of incoming exports. Trindlum is standing, but the upcoming events would be the start of the new, darker era and lot of Trindlum is subject to change.

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