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    Help Me Remember This Book

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by BruMeister, Sep 30, 2014.

    I have been trying to remember the title of this book for a long time, but I cannot the life of me remember the title. Worst of all, it's a book I never finished so my details about it will be vague at best. I remember starting to read it when I was in 5th grade in 2002-03.

    It's fantasy, medieval I believe.
    It's either a children's novel or a young adult novel.
    The protagonist is a boy.
    The antagonists are 2 or 3 witches.
    Either the boy can talk to animals, or animals can talk to him. For example, the boy talks to a bear (or was it a tiger?) in the woods not too far from the beginning of the book.
    I think on the cover of the book there might be a bear.

    Vague, I know, but if anybody has any idea I would be grateful. I would remember the cover if I saw it. Keep in mind the information listed above is tentative since I cannot remember the few details I know fully.

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