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    Help me with a character's mystery clue in a scifi story?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Dayanim, Aug 6, 2013.

    Hi everyone!
    Wow its nice to be looking at these forums again! I was hoping someone might be able to help me with inspiration regarding a clue my character needs to find in a science fiction setting. (Star wars fanfic actually!)

    My character is an investigator searching for a senator who has escaped the galactic government after apparently committing sedition (helping the separatists). He has found his way onto a freighter whom his contacts suggest has connections with the senator and is trying to work out what the connection is.

    Specifically the freighter and her captain are currently on a mission in service of the senator though unbenownst to them. Basically the senator has through a third party hired the freighter and her captain to bring him another character (who is also onboard this ship). Thing is the captain doesnt know he is doing this job for the senator.

    The background is that years ago the captain did a job of some kind for the senator (smuggling, assisting him in procuring resources, helping him with this seditious act against the republic) and made a good impression but has no idea he is currently involved with the senator.

    My main character is now snooping around the ship and is in the captains quarters. Im trying to find something interesting as a clue to the background between the captain and the senator. I was considering files in the ships computer on the previous mission, perhaps a broken piece of a ship they destroyed during that mission (the character could find out about the ship it came from which could lead him to the senator connection). I also thought of a gift statuette (abit cliche and doesnt fit the captain) or a beautiful ceremonial blaster/laser gun which was also a gift.

    Im trying to do two things, give the clue to the connection and build some sort of clue about the senator actually not being such a bad guy. Maybe insinuate his trying to do the right thing?

    Love any help you guys might be able to provide!!

    Thanks everyone!

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    I'm not up on my terms, so please excuse me ahead of time as my sci-fi is not nearly what it should be. Just reading through your post, the idea that I had was that maybe if the captain helped procure resources, maybe the main character could find one of those "resources" with a note attached/engraved on it from the senator. Of course that would depend on what the resource was exactly, but something like that could connect the captain and senator as well as solve the issue of what job was performed.

    Just an idea, keep up the good work!


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