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    May 21, 2017
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    Help With Finding Last Names With Meaning

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by TheRosseLeif, May 21, 2017.

    I've almost got a comic I've been working on for the last year finished but I still don't have a last name for the main character or his family. His first name is Cyan and cannot really be chanced now due to story purposes, he is a young leukemia patient and a lot of his identity is taken from his first name and him being adopted. I just can't find a name that really fits his. His adoptive parents are Russian American and German American. Any suggestions on what the family name should be? TBH, I'm thinking about just stealing Rebecca Sugar's last name and calling it done, it's gotten so annoying to me and it's just holding me up on finishing this project.
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    This is a difficult one, most last names have meaning, the obvious ones being the likes of Farmer, Smith and Pat Butcher. My own last name of Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff means "something-shepherd-something". In terms of your specific requirements, it is hard to think of one with the limited information.
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    Have they taken a new last name, or has it been in the family for generations?
    Who's last name did they take when they married?
    On the last note, who is from German decent and who's the Russian? Or are they both from German/Russian families?
    Or have their families been in the states long enough to have a really American sounding name?

    The thing is, unless someone picked up a shiny new name somewhere along they way (on entering America, maybe?), they are probably going to have a rather regular last name. One with meaning, sure, but maybe not one that suits them.

    Though if you want a specific meaning to the name (I'm guessing not, since Sugar is on the table) we need to know what meaning you want and from what culture.
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    "I lead wolves with sticks and stones and dwell in a village on a mountain." If anyone was curious.

    As for OP, Krank and Больной (Bol'noy) are the German and Russian words for sick. This might be a little on the nose, but I think it's what you're looking for.
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    Oh, ok. I thought it meant "I butcher the German language". :bigwink:

    "Sorge" is a german surname.

    It means "sorrow" or "worry", but also "care".

    "Ich habe Sorgen." - "I have sorrows."
    "Ich sorge mich um dich." - "I worry for you(r wellbeing)."
    "Ich sorge für dich." - "I care for you."
    "Ich sorge dafür." - "I'll make it happen."

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