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    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Klara, May 12, 2020.

    So, I am writing this book and I have a little problem and need some help. It is about a woman who takes care of her ex-girlfriend's daughter. They got together before the baby was born, the father signed away his rights before the baby was born. My question is if the girl could have been put on the birth certificate as the other parent since the father signed away his rights (in some states they actually allow two parents of the same gender on the birth certificate) or if they would have to go through step-parent adoption. Also, the bio mom comes back years later after leaving when her daughter was still a baby and wants to be in her life again. I want to make some drama so she is going to fight for custody. Could she have a good chance of getting it just because she's the biological parent?
    Thanks in advance for all your answers!
    P. S. Couldn't find answer to this anywhere on the internet!
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    I think she could be awarded if she can prove that she can
    take care of the child by having a stable home and income.
    For the drama bits, is the other lady can fight her in court,
    if she has grown fond of the child.

    IDK, not a legal expert, just an idea. :)
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    Lawyers would make all the difference in a case like that, but all things being equal, judges tend not to break up biological families if they can help it. If the non-biological parent adopted the child legally, they have big rights now too. In fact, if there's an adoption involved, the biological parent would likely only be able to fight for shared custody. There would likely be visitation involved at the least, regardless of who won primary. Again, that's if there was an adoption. Parents have shown up years later and been awarded sole custody of children they abandoned to relatives or exes. It happens a lot.
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    and I really liked it and I would not change anything in this scenario
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