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    Hi, Do you guys Story Battle here?

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by fgp123, Nov 24, 2008.

    As an artist, a great game to play with other artists is ‘art battles’.
    One person starts off by drawing something to attack the other person with, the sillier the better. Then the other person has to come back and draw on the same page something that will counter-act what the first person draws. This then goes back and forth until the whole page is full or one person can’t think of a comeback.

    For example, I pick 'You' to battle with and I draw a Dinosaur and say 'My Velocoraptor is going to bit your head off'

    You would maybe then draw a meteor about to hit the Dinosaur and say 'But my meteor crashes into the earth and causes your Velocorapter to become extinct.'

    I may then draw a baseball player hitting the meteor (possible someone famous) and say, 'but my baseball player hits a home run on your meteor and knocks it back into space'

    I could then come back with a woodpecker and say, but my woodpecker pecks your bat in half.

    And it goes on like that, the crazier the better and the people watching on the forum normally vote for the best.

    It’s a great way to learn to draw. It gives you a subject matter to draw plus it provokes your creative side when you have to come up with a rebuttal.

    This can also be done as a story and is a great and fun way to stretch the creative mind and writing ability.

    It’s all done with words instead, being brief but descriptive and crazy as always and it doesn’t have to make sense or always follow a pattern. People can again vote on what was best and best creative use of words. Have any of you played Story Battles?


    Apologies for any bad grammar in this post. It’s been a long week of deadlines and I’m relaxing with a few too many beers.
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    You might get some enjoyment out of the My Golden Orb game.

    There are a couple others with themes similar to what you are describing, too.
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    This is a lovely idea, and really reminds me of the game Tic Tac Toe. I noticed that you haven't given us a starting point, except for the example of the dinosaur, so I thought I'd start from there.


    I happen to have eight million dollars, therefore, I'm highly protected by bodygaurds and dinoproof thingys, that sadly petrifies it. I'm thinking of using your dinosaur as a museum, so I need to empty its insides.


    I hope I got it right :p

    Keep it up ;)

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