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    HI everyone! I've been reading the rules and forgotten to introduce myself :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by teeekilicious18, Jan 15, 2014.

    I'm Atikah. Teeekilicious18 is my username but friends usually address me as "tik, teeek" . I'm from Singapore and I migrated to Indonesia because of my dad. I started writing when I'm in grade 9 and started writing seriously when I started my diploma. English is not my first language, so I'm so sorry if my grammar is bad. Honestly, I love writing journals and poetries(I write them in my Ms words or blogs cause its always personal but the best poetries are on the other sites). My friends taught me that I should express myself if I have no one to understand me and that's how it began.

    I'm so glad I've found this site that could get feedback and critiques with no white-lies. I'm really a people's-person so I'm very friendly. My dream is to design a character, make people fall in love with my stories and maybe one day my stories will turn into a movie. I fall in love with writing because of tv's or movies and now I am learning how to create my own fantasies, I guess with writing. But I'm still learning, hence I'm a student that will soon graduate and have a new beginning. I've got a long road to achieve my dream. That is all, it's a long-story short.

    To those I've already met, it's really nice to meet youuuu, all of you are so nice :) and I hope to meet more writers. I'm sorry if I've posted the threads that's not supposed to before I read the rules but I've read it so everything is so clear... I will participate more here on my free time. :)
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    Hello, nice to meet you:)
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    Welcome here!

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