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    Feb 1, 2016
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    Hi everyone. :)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by MockingJD, Feb 3, 2016.

    Hey writers, how are you? I just joined and wanted to say hello. I'm a wannabe writer and have been working on some fiction pieces for years now off and on in between obtaining my law degree and working my day job. But I've decided to stop using my career as an excuse to put off doing what I love which is writing. That's where you all come in. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there with a demanding job taking up most of my time and I'm looking to connect with other people dealing with similar issues. Anyway, I've poked around for a few days before introducing myself and so far it seems like a great community. Glad to be here. :)
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    Nov 15, 2015
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    Hello, @MockingJD!

    I think you probably fit into one of the largest clubs on this site, with a demanding day job and squeezing in writing time whenever possible. I'm a member of that club myself. In the few months that I've been on this site, I've found it to be very inspirational. Creativity abounds around here.

    I hope you enjoy the site as much as I do, and I look forward to reading some of your work someday!
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    Oct 12, 2015
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    On the Road.
    Hi there @MockingJD

    our people are very diverse, every conceivable kind of job-writing combination is there. I have a full-time job as well and am now in the finishing throes of my current WIP (started end Oct 2015). With the support of this great community, the friends I have been making, and the reward of finally writing and putting the voice of my MC on screen, anything becomes possible :)


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