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    Hi there!

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by TJtheWildChild, Jun 4, 2015.

    Hi there! You can call me TJ. I'm 25 and have somewhat recently begun my journey as a writer. About halfway through my master's degree it hit me that what I really enjoy doing is reading and writing and my lifetime of collecting books, making up vivid characters and plot scenarios in my daily life, and writing papers might actually be put to better use (and enjoyment) writing rather than doing some other far more glamorous occupation. I've put my newly minted degree to good use and am actually a Sustainability Officer at a university in California, but in between my job and other life activities I've been working on my first novel. I say this with a bit of uncertainty because, truth be told, despite the fact that I've been working on this story for about nine months I have yet to write a single (concrete) word. Plotting is hard! Especially for a perfectionist. So basically what I'm looking for is some people to share the struggle with. I learn new lessons about this process and my own story every day as I continue to wrack my brain for ideas and read blogs and books on the subject. Anyways, I look forward to the journey!
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    TJ! Welcome! :superhello:

    Rest assured that here you will find many with whom to share the struggle. You will find a wide and diverse cadre of individuals who will have equally wide and diverse opinions on the writing of a novel. Share, participate, discuss, learn, and then share some more. When you're ready to show us some of what you eventually write :write:, trust that there will be no shortage of opinions to be shared on that too. :bigwink:

    Have a look through the New Member Quick Start to get some important facts about our forum before starting out.

    Wrey :supercool:

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