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    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Aled James Taylor, Sep 8, 2013.

    Hi. My name's Aled. And yes, I'm using my real name and a real photo to identify myself. My occupation is looking after my wife and three children. In my spare time I have a full time job as a Design Engineer (I go to work for a rest). Writing is something I do in my spare, spare time.

    I was never very good at languages or writing. At school I needed extra English lessons to get me though the 'O' level (at the fourth attempt).

    In recent years I've been writing what I can only describe as a set of disorderly articles of a philosophical nature relating to religion. But this project has died a death since atheism seems to have taken over. I'm sure it was good practice though.

    I'm currently working on a non-fiction book about radio controlled model aeroplanes, chatting on Facebook (mostly to friends in the middle east about religion and politics) and writing the odd short story.

    I'm hoping to refine my writing skills here and upload a few short stories. And yes, I have read the rules already.
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    Welcome to the forum, Aled. I hope you find your stay of value in your quest to refine your work. :)
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