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    Hilarity of Scam Letters

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by S A Lee, Aug 14, 2018.

    This is partially inspired by the 'weirdest calls/texts/voicemails' thread, it reminded me of a letter my boyfriend received from China.

    It claimed to be a Chinese lawyer who had a portfolio belonging to "William [surname]". He died without relatives backpacking in China without an heir the entire fortune would go to the state. He needed my boyfriend to claim to be "William"'s heir to obtain the money, and promised half the value.

    It was poorly written and the family all had a good laugh about it, commenting about it being identity fraud and asking if the Chinese authorities could be fooled so easily. Stupidly enough, as relative with a different surname got the same letter.

    But the icing on the cake was that if you punched the name William with my boyfriend's surname, no hits for a Chinese backpacker of course, but the name did hit for a murderer in the 19th century. His mother's reaction to this news was, "Well I doubt he had a heart attack on a backpacking trip in China then."

    Another one was shared by my Uncle on Facebook, it said that they were recalling Barclay's debit cards due to them catching fire. This was, according to the letter, a fault in the factory in "Molton Keynes". For those who don't know, this is a mistype of Milton Keynes. The card, with the PIN "for verification purposes on a rival", to be sent to Bangalore.

    My first thought was, "If it was a recall, why send it to Bangalore?"
    My boyfriend's first statement when he read it? He pointed out Royal Mail does not take explosives or flammables. In fact, they don't take anything that can't go on a plane! :superlaugh:

    I was wondering if anyone else had baffling or amusing stories tied to these types of letters.

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