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    Historical Fiction/NonFiction for Kids

    Discussion in 'Research' started by whoopee!, Nov 26, 2015.

    Hi. I have an idea that I want to give children, approx 8-12, an interesting (to them) informative, entertaining but mature and honest look at famous events and people throughout America's history. I think I want to mix fictitious events (and people) with real and famous people and events - NOT exactly Forrest Gump . . Maybe a little Nancy Drew . . I don't have it all worked out yet. For instance, using the same fictitious people in every story would be difficult, as the time periods would vary. (I thought of the time travel thing but that's old.) I wonder about the best way to research such a project. I believe I know where to find my most accurate historical biographical and political facts, but I wonder where to research the best way to write this kind of thing for that particular age group. I know they like to be entertained, but they like the truth, and I know I have to write it in a way that will hold their interest and that they believe. I think it's important our kids learn the truth about the founding and progression of America - I wonder where I can get a bit of help learning to write for kids. Thanks

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