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    Historical thoughts and spurious connections

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Elgaisma, Nov 6, 2010.

    I am looking for those historical connections and mysteries - some we know about, some you make up or wonder about? They can be really outlandish just have to include a major mystery or two characters from same time.

    I have:

    The affair between Shakespeare and James I/VI which is what he did with his very best bed.

    Socrates my main character really is Socrates lol Which is why there is little evidence he really exists.

    Joan of Arc had a fling with the King of England then dumped him in favour of the King of France.

    Why did Victoria hate Disraeli so much?

    Lewis Carroll and his secrets of time and space travel contained within Alice in Wonderland (I have created Alice)

    Agatha Christie's missing times.

    The real relationship between Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony

    Katharine Parr's body goes missing because she is really an alien.

    Where is Merlin?

    Enid Blyton's ability came from a secret alliance with someone else in time.
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    Why was Evariste Galois shot in a duel before he could go on to become perhaps one of the greatest mathematicians in history?

    How was it possible for Albert Einstein to create a theory which was perhaps 50 years before its time (the General Theory of Relativity), AND help lay the groundwork for quantum theory?

    Who was Jack the Ripper?

    Who was the man in the iron mask?

    Did Pierre Fermat really discover a proof for Fermat's Last Theorem?

    Who was Adolf Hitler's father really?

    Who built Stonehenge?

    What were the druids really up to?

    Who made Samuel Taylor Coleridge forget most of the dream Kublai Khan was based on, and why?

    What caused the Roman Empire to fall?

    What was the real reason Qin Shi Huang burnt most of the books in China?

    Why did Bodhidharma move from India to China?
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    ooh you are fabulous Islander lol I like them hmm I was contemplating a Hitler connection. OOH and how could I forget Einstein. Maybe Alexander Graham Bell and Darwin as well need some ideas.
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    What was written in the lost scrolls of Plato, that connects Stonehenge to Atlantis?

    What sinister secret does Admiral Nelson share with the Flying Dutchman?

    Did Occult icon Aliester Crowley secretly conspire with Nazi SS occultists to put a love curse on King Edward VIII of Great Britain, that ultimately resulted in his abdication of the throne, in an attempt to keep Britain out of the coming world war by creating an internal crisis?

    What amazing technology was recovered from a crashed UFO in Roswell New Mexico, by US Air Force Major Ron Popeil, that later resulted in a tidal wave of new handy dandy gadget products from Ronco...all for $9.99?

    Is it true that the second coming of the messiah has already happened, with the promised one granting the people of the world the miracles of the Internet information superhighway and saving our planet from the horrors of global warming? Just how big is Al Gore's cult following going to get?

    Did Margret Thatcher really have a secret love affair with Anton LeVay? Did they have a secret love child? Did that love child grow up to become the pop star Madonna? Is Madonna really the anti-christ? What is the significance of the blue police call box in the background of one of Madonna's publicity photos?

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