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    Hobby writer (self-taught writer with a weak level of English.)

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Whitecrow, Jan 23, 2020.

    My name is Ilya. I'm from Ukraine.
    I write various crime detective dramas.
    I am a big fan of noir.

    I have written two books, but due to the poor level of language, they need to be corrected. Now I am writing the third book. I joined the community in the hope of finding a partner that will help me with the construction of my strange and not always clear for understanding sentences.

    I also love helping and giving advice to others. So if you need help, contact me. I will always try to help.

    Email: [deleted by moderator]
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    Hello Ilya! Nice name. Welcome! You should check out the collaboration part of this forum once you meet the requirements, there you may find a partner.

    Hope you find what you're looking for here!
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    Welcome to the site - it isn't real smart to give your email out on the net to total strangers, so we've deleted it from your post.. if you want to help people with their writing its best to do it on site via the workshop
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    Hello Ilya - I'm one of the forum moderators, and I want to welcome you here.

    However, what you are asking for—a partner to help you with your latest book—is not something you can arrange right away. We are a forum community, and we try to ensure that people get to know each other before making committments like that, or giving out personal details (like email addresses.) After you have been a member here for a while, you can start to do this sort of thing, but not right away. It's to protect you AND the other members that we have these regulations.

    Please read these two links, which should give you a better idea of how we operate here. You will note that in order to get your work critiqued, you must post it in our Workshop section (and no other place on the forum.) However, there are a few regulations you must meet, before the Workshop will be open to you. Our New Member Start guide explains this more fully.

    New Member Quick Start

    Forum Rules

    Anyway, it's good to have an experienced writer like yourself join the forum, and I am impressed that you are not only asking for help, but offering it as well. You will fit in very well, I expect. Just take time to get settled. Let us get to know you, by posting comments on whatever threads draw your interest. Maybe offer a few critiques in the Workshop area, which are required before posting your own, so you might as well get a head start. Our writers REALLY appreciate feedback. And the more often you post, the more responses you will get ...so you'll get to know us as well. :)

    This link may also be of help. It's basically a site map that opens up various areas of the forum that may not be immediately obvious.


    If you encounter any difficulties getting started, don't hesitate to let me know. (Just click on my owl avatar and 'start a conversation' with me.) I'll do my best to help.

    I hope to see you around on the threads. Again, welcome.

    Cheers for now,

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