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    How does self publication pay?

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by haribol, Feb 15, 2013.

    I have read immensely about self publishing and I have yet to arrive at the technicalities involved in self publication. I will indeed learn them in due course of time and what i want to learn now is the fact that self publication can be a monetary reward also.

    I have written lots of poems, short stories and essays. I do not know as to how I can publish it across a lot of people. I am really optimistic about the fact that I can publish myself aggressively and at the same time get paid.
    Money is not the ultimate satisfaction or the only reward good writers crave for yet writers are humans too not robots and money plays a role in fact a very vital one in his life and therefore to be rewarded monetarily is my intention too.

    Thinking that this site will educate me on this issue too. A writer has to pass lots of time on creativity and of course one's prospects are not sure and one cannot bloom in the profiteering domain.
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    I am a supporter of self publishing, but there are some rules:

    If you're doing it for money - forget it. You won't make any. Well not much anyway.
    If your book is poorly presented you'll be letting yourself down, your potential reader down and all those people who have worked hard to produce a well edited, well presented book.
    If you want sales, you'll have to be prepared to spend hour after hour promoting yourself and you'll have to present yourself at all times, in all situations, even on forums, as professional and competent Your post doesn't do that, so you'd have to do some basic work on your writing skills (sorry but that's the truth).
    If you think you can spend a few weeks throwing something together and somebody will buy it and give you the reviews you'll need, you're wrong.
    If you don't want to perpetuate the idea that all self-published books are inferior and their writers incompetent losers, you are going to have to be committed to your objective and determined in all areas of writing and promoting.
    If you think you can do all that - and more - good luck. I hope you succeed.
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    are you asking about publishing a book [or more than one book] containing all those poems, essays and short stories?... or selling them individually?

    in either case, amazon is probably your best bet to get it all 'out there' as you can put both books and short stories up for sale there... getting many people to buy them is another thing altogether, though...

    but, as evelon notes above, your writing skills, as evidenced by your post, do leave something to be desired... probably due to english not being your first language [if that is the case, as it seems to be, from your phrasing]...

    if you'd like some one-on-one mentoring, to help you along the path to getting your work published, drop me a line any time... i work with many aspiring writers from all parts of the world, who need to improve their english fluency and would be happy to add you to my roster of mentees... i am also a fairly full time poet, so i can provide both a poet's and professional editor's assessment of your work...

    love and hugs, maia

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