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    How to write books - non genre?

    Discussion in 'Genre Discussions' started by aguywhotypes, Oct 21, 2015.

    I have my pile of how to write books.

    It seems most of them approach it as if you want to write a thriller or some high action novel.

    So far all I've done is write short fictional stories. I believe them to be stories not in the traditional sense.

    Most of my stories don't have an MC that wants something. They don't have conflict, etc.

    I've reviewed my previous work and most of my stories are simply accounts of what happened.
    For example I have a story about an mc remembering back to his childhood and his recollection of one of his childhood friends and the mischief they got themselves into.

    another about an elderly grandpa whose family is very proper. They have a family get together and as he stands up from the table, he lets out a huge long fart.

    etc, etc

    What books do I read to help me write more like this?
    Maybe writing books in general?
    I find the plotting and structure type of books don't help me at all.

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