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    (humor) My daughter is the village idiot?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Jeff Countryman, Dec 10, 2015.

    Shipping Christmas presents these days is an adventure in logistics and can drain your bank account :)

    Today, I got a phone call from my eldest daughter whom I sent a box of mulitple Christmas presents to 3 weeks ago. She wanted to discuss what we were planning to get the grandkids - her children - for Christmas.

    My first thought was that they never got the package and I'd have to go through a major headache to track it down and/or apply the insurance to replace the presents.

    But . . . here's the scoop (keep in mind, our daughter is 36 years old, is married, has 3 kids, and is university educated at our expense):

    I wrapped about 2 dozen gifts, complete with bows and tags. I inserted all of them into a box that a large microwave oven had originally been in. The box has pictures of the microwave and all the features of it. The postal system doesn't care what the box looks like or the pictures/advertising on the box - it just wants the label of who to send it to and the stamps applied. I, therefore, took a piece of paper and taped it on top of the 'microwave box' and put their name and address on it . . . then shipped it off through our post office. Makes sense??? Put a label on the box and ship it?

    Sigh. My daughter assumed we got them a new microwave for Christmas and thus, didn't open the box. She put it under their Christmas tree.

    Then she waited . . . and waited . . . and waited.

    When no further Christmas presents arrived for our beloved grandkids, she phoned me today to 'discuss the situation' and find out why we were suddenly being so mean to the kids. LOL. :)

    Allan and I laughed so hard we were in tears as we explained that she needed to open the box. Yep, we raised the village idiot - and it's our mature, educated, daughter.

    That's our holiday laugh for the year. Merry Christmas! :)

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