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    I Am Done With You

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by countrymusic, May 6, 2018.

    Chapter 1
    Me and this girl have not been getting along at work. She said to me your uglee and that hurt me too. But when my staff came to resque me and other people from her. She said your a dog and you cant be friends at all with
    Tomas. And I said to her yes i can. Your messing with the wrong person. I felt like i she was trying to demand
    me not to talk to my staff or friends at work. I said i don't want to be friends with you. Because your hurting my
    feelings. And she said I am trying to be nice to you. And I said no your not. You don't act like you want to be my
    friend. Then she said F you. And I said that is why your not my friend. And i said i am done with you. Then she
    looked at me and said I am done with you also. Then i said stop talking to me. Then she said shut up. Then she
    looked at me and said i wont drop the conversation about how come your not being nice to me. And I said to
    her. Your going to end up going to jail. For hitting and for being rude to the staff. She was like no i am not. And
    the next day she attacked staff. They called the police on her for 2 time in one week. She would not stop kicking
    and hittitng the staff. I told her that it is wrong to hurt people. And i did try to be her friend. But it don't work out with her being disrespectful.

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