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    "I am" Poem Challenge

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Eternity, May 23, 2010.

    Something my brother did once in his English class.

    Fill in the blanks yourself, using the following as the first words for the start of each sentence. I'll put my own words in as an example.

    I am (struggling to find who I am)
    I try (to be normal but don't know what "normal" is)
    I don't (know what is expected of me)
    I want (to hide in a pile of sand and never come back up)
    I dream (of the day I figure out what life's all about)
    I cry (every night and my family doesn't know)
    I am (struggling to find who I am)

    I might (be your friend but I don't really know)
    I sigh (and feel so lost)
    I scream (into my pillow and no one even hears me)
    I dance (through my dreams and cry when I wake)
    I touch (my face to make sure I'm not making it all up)
    I think (I could be useful - if only I could figure out what I'm here for)
    I am (struggling to find out who I am)

    I could ...
    I wink ...
    I sob ...
    I feel ...
    I know ...
    I laugh ...
    I want ...
    I know ...

    ... make sense? Each player then provides four to eight line starters for the next person.

    Please don't post line starters intended to sabotage the next player.

    Oh and not all poems need to be as negative and emotional as mine... make them funny, interesting, suave... whatever you like!

    No thread-hogging. No one may post again until at least two other people have responded.
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    I could cry at the thought of it,
    I wink at the marksman,
    I sob as the bullet pierces the flesh.
    I feel oh so lost,
    I know I'll go mad,
    I laugh just to hold in a scream.
    I want to break down,
    I know I cannot.

    I feel
    I see
    I breathe
    I touch
    I taste
    I understand
    I think
    I come
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    Feb 19, 2011
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    I feel afraid to make a spelling error
    I see the sorrows and secrets in a strangers eyes
    I breathe and then I hiccup
    I touch with caution
    I taste just to tickle my taste buds
    I understand very selectively
    I think Walt Disney should pay for my Divorce and Prozac !
    I come from a childhood of Marbles mischief and Mr.Bubbles

    I wish
    I remember
    I promise
    I whisper
    I carry
    I lied
    I dare

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