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    I am what I am...

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by trace the artist, Jan 2, 2007.

    so last semester i took a class called Advanced Composition. It was supposed to prepare us for college by teaching us how to write essays. One such essay was entitled I Am What I Am. Since we have to introduce ourselves, i guess i'll introduce myself with my essay. write your own in response if you want. orrrr whatever. chyeah.

    I am what I am. I am hurt and have learned to spite from it. I am betrayed and have learned to betray myself because of it. I am lied to and have learned to only speak the truth. I am a dumbass, but only when they call me out. I am a loser who’s going up in flames, and I’m laughing all the way. I am not as stupid as they make me out to be, so perhaps I’m not a loser after all.
    I am what I am. I am in true love. We are the new American classic because we put all the others to shame. I am okay when I am with him if only because he’s so perfect. I have found what some people spend a lifetime searching for. I have found the man I’m going to marry. I am sure of it.​
    I am what I am. I am loyal to a fault. I am a coward. I am a child, playful and loud. I am a teenager, confused and distant. I am a writer, attempting to spit eloquent words onto paper from between bloody lips. I am a reader, swallowing stories word-by-word. I am a musician, breathing in music notes stuck in the haze around me. I am a lover, fierce and strong. I am a listener, a wallflower, and the perks are infinite.​
    I am what I am. I am happy, even if I don’t look like it most of the time. I am different, and I love it. I refuse to be like you, because I am my own person. I refuse to have you think for me, because I have my own thoughts and opinions. I refuse to be forgotten. I refuse to be ignored. I am what I am.​
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    in a home full of wonderful and loving people I ca
    Welcome to WF hope ya enjoy your stay
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    Nice to have you here at writingforums.org, Trace! Welcome, and thank you for the introductory essay.

    Congrats on your relationship.

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