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    Mar 16, 2013
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    I get the feeling (?) but not the plot idea

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Runscream, Mar 16, 2013.

    I haven't written in a good while now, and I've been wating to do it again, specially when I listen to some of my favorite songs. When I listen to them, I get the feeling I want to transmit through my story, but not a plot idea. Could anyone help me with this? What can I do to take this feeling and make a story out of it?
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    Jan 5, 2012
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    It always starts with a feeling :) If there are no burning stories you've been waiting to tell, there are many things you can do to figure out what to write. My favourite exercises:

    1. Write a list of things (anything) that excite you. It can be anything, some of my things are chandeliers, forensic psychiatry, occult rituals, dogs, colours pink and black, dragonflies, Tiffany lamps, the list goes on and on. These are useful to reflect on, and perhaps use it as a source of inspirations for objects, characters, locations etc.

    2. Make a list of your favourite movies and then another for books. Assign a genre (or two, if necessary) to each and analyse which genres you enjoy best. Those are usually also the ones you would most likely enjoy writing.

    3. Take a week or two to jot down all the ideas you have, for characters, plots, themes, endings. Analyse them to see which you see yourself sticking with (and not getting bored of ) for 2-4 years. Because that's how long it realistically takes to write a publishable novel (for a new writer).

    There are plenty more, but I find that these three help the most in the early stages. You will most likely find a story that will communicate the feeling you mentioned at the beginning of your post.
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    As jazzabel suggested, any idea whatsoever, write it down. Leave it to memory and you'll forget. That's what happens to that brilliant inspiration: often down the pan if not written down.

    Another source of plot is to talk to people, yet above all, listen. You'll hear anecdotes and tales and much more besides. Every subject under the Sun. How often does someone relate a tale to you, and you say to them, Why don't you turn that into a book? Well, you do it instead!

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