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    I need help connecting a few things in my plot helping move the story forward?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by thisisyourend, Jan 11, 2018.

    So the plot of my story is Yilvoxe is looking for the ritual which is instructions in a journal that belonged to him but his parallel self James took it. James is president in his world. By following the instructions in the notebook he will become a god but at the cost of millions of lives.

    A parallel version of Yilvoxe, Yilvoxe 2 saw this would happen and was like "well since it belongs to him how about I just send him to James world so he can get it and once he has it we'll destroy it."

    This is how we get to the beginning of the story. During the present time of the story Yilvoxe learns more about this world and his counter part, learning the magic system which involves alchemy, James past, and gets involved with a rebel group. He also meets Josephine who joins him on his journey and learns that he is an enemy of the state because James knew he would come.

    How thew story ends is Yilvoxe kills James and meets Yilvoxe 2 again. Yilvoxe 2 has found out they have been in a loop this entire time because Yilvoxe will turn into James. So Yilvoxe 2 kills Yilvoxe 1.

    What I need help with is I have thought of a few scenes but need help connecting them. these scenes go in order.

    Yilvoxe is given the task when first entering the world to go to a place that will help him find the journal whereabouts. he is helped by Josephine there.

    his next task is to go to a place where he learns more about James past, and meets Frank there who was the leader of a gang yilvoxe was in.

    he meets Ben who is the leader of the rebellion and wants Yilvoxe to help.

    What I need help connecting is what could Yilvoxe find that helps him on his journey as a clue to the journals whereabouts? And how could Josephine help him? What ever the clue maybe it would need to be something that sends Yilvoxe to the other place where he learns about James past and meets Frank. Also this other place would be where he maybe learns the beginning of alchemy.
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    I'm not sure I have any good ideas, but I think your second question will naturally answer itself when you have answered the first. Once you know what your protagonist finds, you'll be able to think up ways in which Josephine can help him find it. I guess maybe he could meet someone who knows where the journal is (perhaps Josephine) or find its whereabouts hinted at in some old book in an ancient, magical library few people know about but Josephine. She tells him where the book is if he knows what he's looking for, or she shows him some of her favourite books and they stumble across it that way if he initially doesn't. Or something else.
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    I know this is not what you asked, but your loop as a loophole. If Yilvoxe will become James should't he be aware of Yilvoxe intention since its is past self ? therefore having no loop
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    Have you ever heard the Greek phrase, "Know thyself." He's dealing with a parallel version of himself. So where would he hide his own journal? That's the thing. James is him and he is James. It's always a very scary idea to think there's a darker side of yourself. That you could actually do evil under certain circumstances. And here you have this interesting character who is literally having to come face to face with his darker nature. His dark side has become a personification.

    I think I would be driven crazy if I were in Yilvoxe's place. I would be tempted to hate my evil half and watching myself do evil. But he has to accept James, just as everyone has to accept our own capacity for evil, if he's going to defeat him. As he comes to accept James as himself, he begins to gain intuition. He begins to be able to predict what James will do under certain circumstances because that's what he would do. And that includes where he would hide a journal so it would not be found.

    Where Josephine comes in is that we are all very poor interpreters of our own experiences sometimes. We need outside perspectives in order to face ourselves. So once he accepts his relations to James, he's going to need her help to organize his thoughts.

    So she can sit down with him, help him relax. Then she starts asking him questions that seem pretty vague, but they're meant to gauge his personality. "Do you remember ever hiding anything?" Josephine might ask. Yilvoxe shrugs, "Just a few coins." "Oh. Did you hide them close to you or far away?" "I hid them by a tree about a mile from my house." "Under the ground?" "Under a rock." "And did you ever go back to them?" "Almost every day." "So you like to keep things hidden away from you, but still visit them frequently."

    Just things that would tell you about how these two men think.
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