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    I think I developed insomnia...

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Link the Writer, Jul 3, 2012.

    Basically, I'm addicted to coffee. It got to the point where I would drink three cups of coffee a day and today...I think I have just realized just how messed up I may have made myself.

    Since Saturday night, I've only had eight hours of rest.

    Saturday night- Could not sleep at all.
    Sunday night- Could sleep.
    Monday night- Could not sleep at all.

    It didn't help that I had two cups of coffe Monday morning, and one more cup at 3 that afternoon.

    Now, I'm not saying I'm gonna die soon because of lack of sleep, but I don't think my body is gonna like me because of the abuse I kept heaping onto it.

    And now, I've started to realize it. I hope I didn't completely destroy my ability to sleep at all.

    I feel tired, but not exhausted. I can't make myself go to sleep. I'm sure come six hours, I'll be feeling exhausted enough to go to sleep, but not now when it's 12:50 in the morning.

    My questions:

    #1- Just to get this paranoid one out of the way: Am I gonna die anytime soon? Or am I just being a complete worry-wort?

    #2- Did I just completely eradicate my ability to sleep ever again?

    #3- Do I need to give up coffee completely? I'm feeling like I'm getting to the point where I'm very sensitive to coffee.

    #4- Will I ever be able to get rid of insomnia?

    Suppose I decide to never again have coffee for the rest of my life, and had a glass of warm milk at the end of the day for the next week or so, would it help any?

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    Coming from someone who just lives with being exhausted for too much of their life. Don't mess up your sleeping pattern that is what will screw up your clock. Try listening to white noise (rain etc). Also try to limit caffeine before bed (I don't do this personally but I have been told to :D) you still are early in your insomnia make sure its not something like an approaching deadline. Just try to relax at night, if it continues see what your doctor says.
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    Do you like any non-caffeinated drinks? Might you try those instead to wet your whistle?

    Do you have much stress in your life? The few bouts I've experienced with insomnia were each brought on by stressful periods in my life. If you can address that in a constructive way, that might help too.
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    where the mind is without fear...

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    Caffeine.. insomnia... very hand-in-hand. I am a 4-year consistent insomniac. I get a lot done, but I get peeved quite easily and fatigued throughout the day. Induces stress and its effects are felt by those people in various degrees, according to how difficult of a time they’re having falling asleep. Most people that have a problem with sleeplessness have what is known as transient insomnia. This is just a problem that many people have of falling asleep for a night or so. If the problem persists, however, it can become chronic or even acute and affect a person’s sleep pattern for many months. ome of the insomnia effects that you might be going through are an inability to concentrate, a general tired feeling during the day, reduced energy levels, blurred vision, irritability and even hallucinations in those who suffer from insomnia to an extreme degree.

    Try daily exercise, melatonin tablets five hours before bedtime, daily sun exposure, and understanding the cause behind your insomnia. Caffeine is just one catalyst. My cause is PTSD, and makes me not want to sleep and my eyes glue open. What are your triggers, stressers, and cues to your routine? Try listing your sleep habits, what you do before dark, and why you seem to be unable to sleep, other than caffeine? People who stop caffeine sometimes feel like something is wrong with them if they aren't wired, hyper, and jittery.

    Preparation is the key in order to be able to overcome insomnia that is caused by stress. Whenever the evening rolls around, make sure that you don’t read any stimulating material or watch TV shows which could affect your sleep patterns. Instead of doing these things, try a nice warm bath and listening to some relaxing music. Simple changes in your lifestyle, such as these, will help you to get a good night sleep. I usually read the most boring book I can Amazon. Last night I read Steve Jobs. To my horror, it was a kicking. Man is a nutJOB. Haha, I'm so punny. I have a better one:"Steve Jobs’ funeral will be held next week, after which he will be reburied every six months in a slightly better coffin."

    Speaking of jokes, nothing funny before bed. Laughter peaks your mood and wakens you for a while. Again, anything you like doing, abstain from it one hour before lights out. Just lie there. Try to sleep. I usually sleep around 4am, although last night I finished the d@mn book and got zero sleep. One time last year, I started seeing shadows because I didn't sleep for four consecutive days. Very serious issue. okay, done!
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    yeah no sleep sucks. I pulled a 38 hour shift and still had trouble sleeping, its like i was too tired to sleep.
    Because of the medication my son is taking the doc suggested melatonin, its a natural chemical that is produced in your body to help you go to sleep so there is no chance of dependance.
    When i was having trouble sleeping years back the doc gave me a aintidepressant that also acted as a sleep aid. Worked like a charm. You may want to go give the doc a visit and see what he suggests.
    There are also relaxing teas you can drink.

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