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    ICE. The Map

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Raven, Oct 23, 2008.

    Dartmore. Dartmore is a small community of English that occupy a depot of bunkers and transport vehicles as well as a military complex.

    From Dartmore the team will travel south for 80 miles until the cross the cliffs from Cornwall. Once across the journey will take the eastern front to ovoid Drekk contact. From their it’s a long trek across the iced sea.

    Callis Dune a large ocean that is completely frozen solid here is were Van Haar raiding convoys cross regularly.

    The team will have to pass through them and then turn to the Southern route through Old France It’s a rough journey as some of the old city relics remain frozen and parts of the great metal tower (Eifel Tower) still stand. Reaver’s have been known to dwell here as have the Veridians. The Journey will take a few days to cross altogether then its Southwest from the alpines which have been forced as treacherous. Van Haar Blood and Drekk have been sighted heavily here. Once passed the alpines. The team will have to head to the underground tunnels and come out and cross the large Dunes of Calafair. Anything could happen there it will take three days at full speed to cross. If anyone is separated here they will not survive alone. Calafair is one deadly place. The elements are also against you here as the tornados ravage the place as well as harsh blizzards.

    Once cross its to the Pontain peak here you’ll stop off at Elwoods station were you will put the transports on the train. The train will travel through Everset on a two day journey straight through to Everest peak after a days rest in Everest station a well fortified stronghold. The train will take about two to three days travel Once the train stops at Everest Peak You’ll have to pass through More Drekk occupied territory.

    Then it’s back into the large Dunes it will take a week to pass through and will bring you to the main drilling Dome. This Dome is your main target and one of the vehicles will be carrying the equipment to do this. You’ll fight hard here and some may even die from the onslaught. The Drekk will call on reinforcements. If the mission is a success you’ll have to carryon on through the Dune then turn east and head for the Kiaka Peaks Head North through the perilous moorland tracks until you reach Stockholm.

    The game ends when the Drill has been destroyed and the characters make it back to the Swedish underground town occupied by English Ghosts Roughnecks and Skarren’s.
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