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    The NetherWorld


    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Raven, Oct 17, 2008.


    Those of us who survived adapted.

    From what I know it happened one day in April the great global blackout when the worlds power shut down across the globe in synchronisation. 6.6 Billion people left in darkness.

    And then they came. The explosions took the lives of 5.9 billion and a third of the Moon that circles us.

    Memories of the past are all we have that we once were civil. But now it’s all different.

    They say in the old time we used to fear the dark but it’s the dark that keeps us safe.

    I do not know when the Ice age came but it had something to do with the great explosion of the moon.

    We fight the elements we fight each other and we fight those that did this.

    Welcome to my world welcome to the ICE.

    Coming November.​

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