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    Icon Children

    Discussion in 'Archive' started by Bewitched, May 24, 2013.

    Icon Children

    Theme: Sci-Fi Thriller

    Five years ago, aliens came to our planet.

    They came in giant stone rectangles, dubbed 'Icons', that fell from the sky, one for each country. The aliens look human, but taller and stronger, and they wear identical grey uniforms and use hi-tech weaponry. Their leaders are called the Lords. It is rumored that there are three mysterious Lords, but no one knows for sure. No one has ever seen them except from a far off distance, surrounded by a squad of guards. On the Day that the aliens came, a majority of the humans race died instantly.

    You are the survivors.

    Approximately 78% percent of the human race died on Invasion Day, or 'the Day' for short. The ones that remain are in hiding, scavenging for food wherever they can. The aliens are looking for them, hunting them like animals and dragging them back to their Icon ships. No one has ever escaped once they were caught.

    Some of the survivors are discovering their powers.

    Some of the survivors are discovering that they have powers. They call themselves Icon Children. Their entire lives they have experienced stronger emotions than others and it made them outcasts. But after the Day, their emotions have developed into powers and they are just beginning to learn to use them.

    These are the Classifications of their powers:

    Weeper: a Weeper is the human personification of sorrow. By nature, the Weeper is a powerful empathy, nearly telepathic. They know the thoughts and feelings of everyone around them, and often this power is a curse because they can feel the pain of those they meet. When their life is in danger, a Weeper is known to overload a person's emotions til they die. No one knows the limits of what, precisely, a Weeper can do. (There can be 1-3 Weepers in this RP.)

    Lover: a Lover possesses overpowering personal charisma, ensuring that they can make anyone follow them to the ends of the world just by asking. Their control over others is often akin to mind control, but a strong personality can resist them with effort. (1-2 Lovers are available.)

    Rager: a Rager can use fury to channel incredible strength, as adrenaline gone wild. They can jump over buildings, smash through brick walls and their flesh is denser so it is harder to injure them, but not impossible. They are characterized by being quick to anger, and it is said that they have short life spans. (1-3 Ragers are available.)

    Freak: a Freak relies on fear and anxiety to activate their powers. By channeling their feelings of extreme fear, they can use powers that no one has ever thought of. To make a Freak lose a power, all you have to do is think of it and they lose it right away. They can never get a power back that someone has thought of and they cannot duplicate the powers of other Icon Children. Their limits are unknown. (Only 1 Freak is available.)

    Positions for these Classifications are at a first come, first served basis.

    Plot/Gameplay: Your parents and your family are dead and you are fending for yourself. The story begins as you are wandering through the post-apocalyptic city and you find a huge crate of canned food in the middle of an intersection. You can either approach it or observe it from afar, waiting to see if it is a trap, or whatever you wish. Feel free to include a short backstory in your first post. You will also have three Beginner Abilities (A, B, and C). A being the weakest and C being the strongest ability.

    For the Freak if you want to keep your powers secret you could just say "and I used power A", or something along those lines. If a fellow RP player wants to take away one of the Freak's powers, all they have to do is have their character say it aloud or just think it, and if it is correct then the Freak won't have that power anymore. Once a Freak has lost a power, they can chose another power to fill that spot whenever they think of it. The Freak must notify the GM of their new powers once they have thought of them, as well as sending the GM their original powers at the start of the game. They don't have to include their powers in their Character Template.

    Character Template: (Please send to GM before posting!)




    Classification(Weeper, Rager, etc.):

    Beginner Abilities:




    Rules: Play fair, no God-Moding, include at least a substantive paragraph in each post, do not control other players and try to have fun with it!
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