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    Ideas for storylines/characters.

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by Spaggo, Aug 21, 2008.

    Hey guys Chris here. I'm a first time writer with an idea for a story in blog form.

    So here's the jist of the story. It's a zombie themed ongoing blog story from the point of view of Gavin a regular 25-29 year old Joe Shmoe. It takes place in a small town called Rivers Edge. Unlike most zombie movies, humans aren't the only ones to return. At the begining of each chapter or randomly thru-out the story I will throw in articles from the Rivers Edge Dispach, the local paper, telling you the progress of the story from the perspective of a town/nation as a whole. here is the first article which hints at how the outbreak is started.

    Excerpt from the Rivers Edge Dispatch.

    Rodents Infest Downtown

    Rodents and small animals of all types have been gathering near and in downtown. “It really smells bad down here” and “I don’t know what’s going on but I can tell you people are not happy.” are just some of the comments being made by citizens that regularly visit the downtown area. “It’s horrible." another commented. Animal control has been on the job for two days now. Gus Allworth, an animal control officer commented earlier today “Some of these animals look very emaciated. I’ve seen this before and I can tell you this problem won’t last till the end of the week. Yah, they should definitely be dead then. My only worry is rabies.” Professors at the University of Animal Science have been performing autopsies on the captured rodents. They have yet to comment on the results.

    Reports of animal attacks have risen in the past few days due to the congregating animals. Hospital emergency rooms are filling up with bite victims. “Rabies is our main concern...” Dr. Phillip Waxman tells us. “We definitely have a problem that’s not going away anytime soon.” A mandatory curfew is in effect starting tonight at seven pm. until further notice. Residents are being asked to stay indoors for the time being.

    -Birch F.

    So that gives you an Idea of the begining. Then is just moves up the food chain. The first chapter I have done almost except for revising. herews what i have so far.

    From the day I met Benny I knew he was a crazy bastard. I found him on the roof of a **** hole of a Quick-Stop. Looking up, I saw him staring at me with a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in his hand. “What’s up?” He says down to me as he brushes crumbs off his shirt. “Seen anybody else lately?”

    Looking up at him as he munches away, I respond “Not in three days, you?”
    “Come on up, it’s safer up here. Ladder’s to the right.”
    I climb the ladder and he appears above me, chips crunching as he shoves more into his mouth. “Anything to eat?” he mumbles. “I’ve got Doritos and Honey Buns.”

    “Doritos.” Have benny introduce himself and have the main character “introduce” himself

    Climbing on to the roof I see he’s made a half-ass camp. There’s a tent made from a sleeping bag rigged between an antenna and a dome shaped air vent. A couple of half-full book bags are piled in the tent. “How long have you been here?” I ask.

    “Two days. It’s pretty cool.” Chips fall from his mouth as he talks. “I found a hatch to the inside and bagged scavenged some food and drink.” He points to the book bags. “Had to clear the inside though. Two of them. Maybe workers. Who knows?” Benny hands me the Doritos. I pull a handful from the bag. “But I figure I could last a while up here. You’re welcome to stay man.”

    *Later that night, we started talking about what each of us were gonna/going to do next. He told me that staying on this roof was as far as he had gotten/gone with making any kind of plans. We each told our stories of how we got here. I told him I saw my parents murdered by those things. How they got I had to shoot Addison, my little sister and how I had lost my gun crossing a creek, being chased by three of them. That’s how I got here.

    “Dude, I… That ****ing sucks **** man!”
    “Yeah. It does.”

    Benny takes a swallow of an orange soda, clears his through and starts talking. “I worked at a gas station across the street from the hospital when it first started. People talked to me a lot and I got a lot of people that work there coming in talking about rabies, bites and some weird disease or some **** like that.” He tosses me a soda from one of the bags. “They would tell me this while I rang them up. Bar fights with crazy people. Lots of strange **** happening that brought people in for treatment. More than normal for a small town like this. Listening to the radio about rat infestations and all. I knew something was up when those same people that work there started showing up for their cigarettes but looking sick as hell. Some with bandages on hands and arms telling me their horror stories. You know the kind. Stories about crazy people flipping out and starting fights and **** cause they ain’t right in the head or something.”

    While listening, I begin to realize what’s happening. What had happened.

    Benny continues. “So a few days later I’m workin’, as usual, and some ****er comes in and heads straight for this guy at the slushy machine. And the ****er just sank his teeth into the guys arm! ****in’ tears the hugest chunk out and just chews on it. Blood’s everywhere man! So I grabbed the bat from behind the counter and just knocked the guy senseless. ‘Cept the guy doesn’t react. He just stumbles a few feet and keeps eating that guys arm. ****in’ A man. This guy was on some serious ****. I mean hell, had to be like, some crystal meth mixed with acid or some ****. I told him to get the **** out. That was a no-go, man. But He just kept eating that ****. By this time, the other guy had left for the hospital. And I just watched this guy finish off the arm. I ran to the counter, grabbed the phone and dialed 911. Told them to get their asses over here and arrest this guy.”

    I interrupted, “Wait, so what…”

    “I’m getting to it man.” Taking another swallow, he continues. “So as soon as I hang that ****ing phone up, the bastard’s trying to make me ****ing dessert! I push him as hard as I can and take a shot at him. I hit that ****er so hard blood came outta his ears, man! And for like ten ****ing second he just stood there. Nothing! Not a ****ing thing!”

    In all of his excitement, I noticed he didn’t seem upset. He was telling it as if it were an old campfire tale. He was moving all over the place. Reenacting the whole thing, like telling this story was old hat to him.

    Finishing his soda, he lobs the can into the street below. “Like I was saying. The ****er just stood there, blood running out of his ears and for a while nothing but standing. Then, his arm just drops. Goes limp or some ****. So I figured he was going down. I mean I hit that bastard hard! What happens next is un-****ing believable! He starts shuffling after me like I had just hit him with a ****ing fly swatter. I said **** him man, **** the police! That **** wasn’t kosher, normal man! I came at him like a ****ing brick wall! Didn’t stop whaling on him till my bat cracked. His ****ing head looked like a watermelon dropped from five stories high when I was done with him. That’s when I ****ing split!”

    *With my soda dangling from my finger tips, quietly I said “Got any chairs or anything? I’ve been walking for ****ing hours.”

    “Sure man, I saw some earlier down below. It’ll just take a minute or two. You can come and see if there’s anything else you want.”

    With that he walked over and opened the hatch leading inside. Sliding his feet into the dark hole, he secured himself onto a ladder inside. Before climbing down, he grabbed a nearby flashlight. Turning it on, he disappeared. Following closely behind, all I could see below me was Benny’s dancing light.

    Soon after coming off the ladder, my eyes began adjusting to the dark. We were in a small room. Possibly a…

    “Maintenance closet.” Benny said sharply waving his flashlight from spot to spot. “This room leads to the stock room which isn’t much bigger. Then to a small hall corridor, which leads to the storefront. There’s a body in the stock room and one in the store front. Just thought I’d warn ya.”

    Walking into the next room the first thing I notice is the rancid meat smell. Pointing his light to a body on the floor, Benny says “He was a mother ****er to kill.” As the flashlight moved around, I got a sense of the room. There was blood splattered everywhere. We were behind the coolers. Blood had congealed on the glass doors of the coolers, black, then a bright red when the light passed by. Looking back at the guy, I notice a notch cleaved onto the top of his head. His body was surrounded by syrupy pitch, black blood.

    Moving into the corridor, Benny continued his story. “So like I was saying.” With a dry cough he began. “After ditching that ****er, I ran towards my apartment on Green street thinking that was the safest place. After about fifteen minutes of straight running, I got to my apartment building only to be stopped by an asshole cop saying some **** like, ‘There was an accident here’ and to be on my way. So I snuck around the crowd of onlookers to see some chick sprawled out on the ground wearing some ****ing E.R. scrubs surrounded by a pool of blood, spots of blood trailing behind her. I couldn’t make out her face through the blood and bits of brains.”

    “From the hospital?” I asked as we moved from the corridor to the store front.

    “That’s my guess”

    Looking around the room, I saw it was your basic convenient store. Candy, soda, smokes. Everything overpriced. Walking through the aisles, I noticed they had mini radios. I took one and began looking for batteries, which I soon found, eager to hear any news on the problem. I opened the radio and put in the batteries. Static.

    “**** dude, is that a radio?” I hear something coming from two aisles down. Benny?


    “Can you get anything?”

    “Trying now,” I tell him as I begin tuning. After a minute or two of static, I get something.

    “-vrick here for your hourly update. Still alive and counting the hours, I’ve been on a lookout for other people. It;s only been eight days since the rats showed up out break of this so called ‘disease’ and already this town’s fallen to ****! Outside the streets are empty, except for those wandering assholes. If you have any ****ing clue as to-“

    “****! What the hell” Benny screams, “Try another station.”

    I hit the radio against the counter and static. With another hit, the station comes back

    “-02. Once again, if you’re alive and can get to a phone, call 695-2202. People need to know what the Hell is going on around here.”

    So thats what I have so far. My problem is I dont have a plot for te story just that they make a plan to get outta town. Idea's would be great. Also think of it as Clerks meets a gorefest.

    Thanks for reading I know it was long but any ideas for plots or characterts will really help and also tell me what you think so far.

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    Sorry Chris, but all excerpts posted for comment must be in the Review Room, after meeting the reviewing requirements (at least two constructive -- i.e. specific and helpful -- reviews of other members' work).
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