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  1. TheUnasphyxiated

    TheUnasphyxiated New Member

    Sep 26, 2007
    Likes Received:
    TN, USA

    I'm new, obviously.

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by TheUnasphyxiated, Sep 26, 2007.

    Hello. =) My name is Allie, and I'm new to these forums. I write stories (That's probably not unique here) and I mostly do fiction\fantasy, however, I have attempted some rough biographies. I'm not technically published, but one or two of my short stories and poems have been added to a collection once. I'm currently working on a trilogy but I haven't really decided whether or not I'm going to try to get it published. Writing or editing is my ideal career, and is what I'm working towards at the moment, but what's holding me back is my age; I'm only fifteen. I just don't think publishers would take me seriously. That doesn't stop me from loving to write, I just post my stories on the internet and let people read them. It was while looking for a certain site that I found this one. It looked interesting, so here I am!
    Instead of the usual greetings you would reply to this with, I just want some information on this site.
  2. Torana

    Torana Contributing Member Contributor

    Mar 13, 2007
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    Well welcome to WF.org. There is alot to offer here and we have some contests running if you'd like to join in on them they are in the weekly writing group.
    In my signature you shall find a newbie pack. You should click on that as it has some really helpful information in it.
    There are some great tips to be found all around the place and if you ever get stuck there are plenty off people to ask. The main moderators are Cogito, Hulls Raven and Kit603.
  3. Cogito

    Cogito Former Mod, Retired Supporter Contributor

    May 19, 2007
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    Massachusetts, USA
    Hello Allie, Welcome to the Writing Forums.

    If you haven't explored the site yet, you should probably do so soon. Newcomers often gravitate to the Lounge, the Word Games, or the Review Room, but there is much more to be discovered if you poke in the corners.

    As for the Review Room, new joiners often wonder why we do things a bit differently on this site than on other writing sites. We emphasize reviewing as a critical writing skill. Training your eye by reviewing other people's work helps you improve your own writing even before you present it for others to see. Therefore, we ask members to review other people's writing before posting work of their own. The Review Room on this site, therefore, is a true workshop, not just a bulletin board for displaying your work. See this post, Why Write Reviews Before Posting My Work? for more information.

    Enjoy your stay here, and have fun!
  4. Gannon

    Gannon Contributing Member Contributor

    Jan 15, 2007
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    Manchester, England
    Your age shouldn't matter when it comes to publishers providing you're presenting them with good, original, well edited material that you haven't lost first publishing rights to by posting on the web. Though it would appear that stil doesn't dissuade all of them. Not that I have any experience in any of that, just info I've picked up from this site!

    Hope you enjoy your time here and it is profitably spent. See you around the site.
  5. Charisma

    Charisma Transposon Contributor

    Jul 23, 2007
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    Lahore, Pakistan
    Welcome! I hope you like it here. Have fun and don't hesitate to ask for help.
  6. Kit

    Kit Contributing Member Contributor

    Apr 14, 2007
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    Happy belated welcome!

    Better late than never right? :) Hope you're settling in alright, always good to see new faces. Like other people have said, age shouldn't matter. Though, being young myself, I have to say that it seems too.

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