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    Imagery Exercise

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by Isis, May 2, 2007.

    Welcome to an exercise in imagery. Beyond rhyme and meter, beyond subject or form or punctuation or personal style, it is imagery that makes poetry -- and which sometimes gets neglected. This discussion is taken from another forum, from the venerable and experienced MajKaiNis [OP/L frequenters, HAIL]. I certainly didn't write this, but I found it immensely useful. If I could find the original post, I'd link to it [it seems to have disappeared]. Hopefully you all find it helpful as well!

    Keeping this discussion in mind, here are a few exercises. Each is very similar to the others, so pick on that you think will be most enjoyable and helpful to you.

    1. Write a poem about one of the following, or a similarly odd or unique subject. Flesh it out with carefully chosen details--that is, through images.

    Wringer washer
    tether ball
    tattoo parlor
    skating backwards
    fire ants
    bone fractures
    sugar cane

    2. Describe a painting or photograph (not an abstract one, but something that pictures people or objects) as though the scene is really happening; animate it with movement, speech, story.

    3. Describe a pair of shoes in such a way that a reader will think of death. Absolutely do NOT mention death in the poem.

    4. Make a list of abstractions. Settle on one that appeals to you, and use the word as the title of a poem. Write the poem based on this word, and instead of using the word within the poem, express the abstraction through the use of physical images and concrete description. When you have finished, decide on a title that might be more appropriate for the poem, if you want to (but post the original title word so we can see it).
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    *Applauds* great post. Thanks both you and the orig author.

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