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    Inappropriate style challenge

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by Wrathnar the Unreasonable, Jul 8, 2011.

    Your challenge is to rewrite a story by any famous author in the style of an equally famous but utterly inappropriate one. You don't have to do the whole story, just a recognisable part of it. Have fun!

    Eg: 'The statement of Randolph Carter' by HP Lovecraft as written by PG Wodehouse (featuring Jeeves and Wooster in the lead roles).

    "One hesitates to employ the idiom of the hyperbolic," came the voice of the presently subterranean gentleman's gentleman, "but I very much regret to inform you that I am in the unfortunate position of encountering what can only be described as 'the Unnameable', sir."
    We Woosters are made of the sternest, of course, but at the sound of a slight quaver in the measured tones of the hitherto ever-imperturbable Jeeves, this Wooster was sorely tempted to biff off with all despatch. I stiffened the upper lip, braced the spine, and spoke into the field telephone.
    "Hang on, old egg. I'm coming down. Bertram to the rescue, what?"
    "Absolutely not, sir, if you'll forgive the use of the imperative. It would appear to be rather too late, in any case. Save yourself, sir; one simply could not contemplate the premature termination of the Wooster posterity."
    Dash it all, but the man was right, as always.

    Size limit: 250 words. Prize: Exclusive grazing rights to a lunar crater of your choice.

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