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    Induced Creativity/Induced Idiocy

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by PaddyD, Jul 17, 2008.

    Drinking has a huge effect on me, and has an even bigger effect on my creative output.

    Alone it give me such a powerful, yet slurred, explosion of ideas. The paper becomes more a of a friend, a friend that's willing to listen to some emotional outpouring, no matter how disturbed, morose, or upsetting. (though it does seem to respond better to more 'happy' ideas)

    When in other's company (social situations) drink makes me the dolt, a slug that leaves a slimy mess on others communications. I've no paper to expel my mind's lubricated emotions onto; instead filling the air around me with a verbal vomit of vulgarity and offense. Needless to say, I'm not exactly the life of a party. :)

    Any others find some connection to this?

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    I'm very much with you, at least on the alcohol bit (not that i have anything against drugs, i just haven't had the opportunity to give them a go, but i won't go into details of drugs here, because i'm not sure if it's frowned upon).

    I do my best writing when i'm drunk. I'm more creative and unhindered by rational thoughts and find that creating interesting imagery is much easier. Also, if i feel like writing about something (to get it out of my mind) i drink so that i can get it down on paper, otherwise, i tend to block things out.

    With others i find it totally different, i think sometimes i'd go with your image; of being a slug, but other times, i turn masochistic (nothing sexual, i just take in all the bad things happening around me and rejoice in the cumulative anti-bliss).
    There was one time, when i was pretty far gone and around people, that it was different; it was only for a brief time, and a time which was bordered with both masochism and the aforementioned slug motif.
    But i'm usually pretty happy when i'm drinking on my own, even if i'm just sitting around listening to a record.

    With alcohol, there's always the opportunity to drink less, just 'idle' at tipsy and try and trick yourself, no clue what you can do with speed though.

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