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    Nov 10, 2010
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    Insects as Motif

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Top Cat, Feb 8, 2011.

    OK. Here I'm asking people to think laterally, visually and thematically, around the idea of flies and the domestic world of the -house- and the -family unit, and to imagine images or situations involving such creatures.

    Mainly flies are featured in my feature film, symbolising many different things from spiritual souls (and reincarnation), to the Beezlebub and evil intent, to parasitic guests reveal a nice juicy twist.

    But it's also a surrealist black comedy and romance film...

    So in that sense, I'm tying to imagine things that resonate with the domestic world, and of insects, and flies. I'm throwing this out there as it might inspire images, or potential scenarios/situations, or connections with other things... I had not thought of. I'm keeping it flexible to possibilities.

    So one idea that came to mind was delicing the kids - which is both domestic, and with the theme insects dwelling in the domestic world. :D
    The husband is a bug exterminator, for instance.
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    Boy. This is extremely broad, you know, and it's harder to answer a broad question.

    I used to know a family who had a kitten who was shut in their sunroom whenever he needed to be shut somewhere (before litterbox training.) He was such an amazing hunter that there were flat, splatted flies all over the lower half of the sunroom windows. Isn't that an interesting mental picture?

    That's all I got for you, but every little bit...
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    Have you read the picture book The Spider and the Fly? It's based off of a poem, which can be found for free online. The motif of insects is quite resonant in it, for a children's book.
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    Not sure if this will help, mainly because I'm not exactly sure what you're driving at, but I'll add my four cents.

    Growing up in the country, our cabin in the woods was plagued by red wasps. The wasps would normally leave us alone, but they would occasionally come after us humans. One of the ways I would entertain myself was to take the BB rifle and shoot at the wasps flying on the side of the house. The ratio of hit/missed was something probably around 1/20, but the reward was worth it. A red wasp hit with a BB would literally explode off the face of the planet. My hyperactive mind could almost see the gossamer wings fluttering to the ground...

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