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    Inspired by website

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by SeverinR, Jul 29, 2011.

    My novel took a turn I did not expect, I wrote in a medievil music instrument being played. I picked a wind instrument and was pretty generic in describing it.
    Just happened to click on a link that provided a sample of the music, then I went back a rewrote how she played it.

    She played the gemshorn. Before I heard it it was like any horn or clarinet.
    But after hearing it(played by someone that could play) it was amazing.

    Gemshorn is basically the medievil flutafone-recorder made from a horn. Which for those that have kids does not sound great when they play it over and over...and over again.
    But this person was good and let me describe the music better in my book.

    So research can inspire writing, even if you think its just fact checking.
    Basically I was looking to see which end of the horn they blew into.

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